Internship Ideas to Shape your Hotel Management Career Path

Internship Ideas to Shape your Hotel Management Career Path

Internship Ideas to Shape your Hotel Management Career Path

Internship Ideas to Shape your Hotel Management Career Path

Understanding the importance of internships during your curriculum is very important well before the day comes for it. For that matter, Hotel Management and Hospitality industry or even any other department you specialize in, the role of internships in shaping your career is enormous. Hotel management industry is a fast growing industry today and there are many new establishments coming up in the city. That makes us understand that there are many job opportunities available for students who complete their graduation in Hotel Management department, but since the competition is high one has to really be capable with all industry-requiring talents to get placed soon.

Through internships, you get to understand the industry standards and norms and how it works, which will help students develop their abilities to become an eligible and fully groomed person when starting your career.

Hotels To Choose to Intern

Theory can help you score the maximum marks to get your grade, but only internships can give you the real field experience and can help you get groomed as a qualified professional. So, as internships are being so much important and mandatory for you, what you have to first look on is for a reputed and industry leading company to do your intern program. Definitely this is not something that can happen overnight, and you will have work on it for months before you day to intern comes. You have to first get a letter from your college department stating about your internship needs. Having this letter in hand, you must first prepare a big list of companies that should definitely include Marriot Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Leela Hotel, Taj Mahal Hotel and Westin Hotel and Resorts. You need not limit yourself within this list of 5 hotels, but these can be your top priorities.

What to Look Out During Internship

First inquire about when these hotels offer internship for students and try to match up your college requirements along with it. As hotel industry acts to be the busiest industry these days, they offer internships to many number of students, but definitely first come will be first, so don’t delay the application process. Some hotels offer good stipend for their interns, but remember it is not your criteria. Look for opportunities that can help you build your skills and ability as a good professional. When you apply for your internship, there will be an interview session happening for which the hotel management will intimate you and you must appear for the interview with good professionalism to make your first impression the best.

Appearance Matters for Selection

Present yourself with all serious attitude and interest towards your career, so you get more opportunities to be the lucky candidate to get internship placements in top hotels. The duration of the internship may vary as per your college needs, but whatever the period is, make sure to utilize it to the fullest and gain all essential exposure that can help you set a standard career in the industry when you pass out college. Also, keep in touch with your intern trainers so you can get to know the industry norms when you pass out and you can get placement opportunities through them.

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You should consider the fee structure and if you consider doing this course from other place except Hamirpur, you should consider hostel facilities, you shouldalso consider whether the subject in which you wish to continue this course is available in the college.
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