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No Worry Anymore When You Cancel GMAT Score

Some test takers decide to cancel the GMAT score and there can be any reason for this sort of cancellation interest shown by them. It is not essential that the test takers should cancel the score just because they feel that they might have flunked it. The governing body of the test GMAC has now recognized this and the authority will remove all traces of the score cancellation done by students. Earlier, this sort of cancellation done by a student was reflecting in the official score report that is sent off to the B-schools. But, now, these details will not show up in the official score report. It is stated that this change is designed for the benefit of prospective MBA students.

What does VP of GMAC say?

The Vice President for product management of GMAC Mr. Ashok Sarathy, in a press release said that this new change in score cancellation process will be of great help to test takers in gaining more control and confidence over the experience they gain from GMAT. The reason is that they will be permitted to cancel their scores without the cancellation appearing in their score reports. The VP also added that this change can be applied retrospectively to any report that is not yet sent to the B-Schools.

Why this new change?

When GMAC was asked about the reason behind this change, it was said that the change is on the basis of the feedback from applicants as 85% of respondents, who voted in favor of cancellation or removal of cancelled scores from public view. Nevertheless, it is suggested that this change is just a move towards countering an advantage that is already offered by GRE. Even though, GMAT still holds popularity among aspiring candidates, more and more B-schools are moving towards GRE these days as an alternative to GMAT and so this new change can conceivably be seen as recognition to GMAT from the part of GMAC.

Candidates will be happy about the change:

It is obvious and fair enough that most applicants will be happy about the change as it takes the pressure off an individual test day. In addition, it removes the fear in the minds of candidates as to how the hitting of cancel button might be seen by a business school. On the other hand, some candidates, who can gain a competitive advantage, by scoring a high score right on their first attempt will worry about this change.

Narrow retake window:

Even though, this change is introduced, the cancelled score will be sent to the candidates alone. Another change made recently is something to do with the retakes. Earlier, the rule was that once a candidate takes up the test, he can again take it only after 31 days, but now the number of days is reduced to 16 days. This is an effort made by GMAC to ease any inconvenience associated with waiting for longer for candidates aspiring for MBA admission. In other words, it is now possible to sit for the exam two times in a single calendar month.

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