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Preparation Tips To Succeed in GRE

The Graduate Record Exam, which is commonly known as GRE is an important examination to take, if you are planning to apply for universities and graduate schools overseas. This test is generally taken as computer-adaptive test. The uniqueness of this test is associated with the task that the difficulty of the questions will be based on the accuracy of your answers to the previous questions.

Pattern of the test:

This test is divided into three main components and they are:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Analytical writing

You can add value to your application overseas with a good GRE Score and a healthy GPA. Here are some tips that will help you to ace GRE test:

Get back to your school books:

High school mathematics is highly important to crack this test. You can score well in quantitative section when you take this tip. Remember to revisit and revise the fundamental concepts of geometry and algebra from your high school books.

Have dictionary handy:

You will have difficulty in verbal section, if you were not attentive in your high school and college English classes. So, now when you are planning to take up the GRE exam, just have a look at as many English books and newspapers as possible to expand your vocabulary. As soon as you come across some new words, just look at the handy dictionary to find the meaning and take a note of the word with meaning for future reference. Rather than struggling with new English words in the last 2 or 3 months before the GRE Exam, candidates with interest towards overseas education, should just begin this practice right from their high school level.

Take up a GRE Preparation course:

This test generally intends to test the critical thinking ability of the test takers and not necessary what they learned in school. Even though you might have performed well in your collegiate education, critical thinking is not something that comes in a natural manner. It is something hard to gain and so it is recommended that you should invest some time and money to prepare for GRE test. You can also build your critical thinking ability with the help of free resources available over the internet.

Practice tests can help:

You might be good at vocabulary and at writing skills. You might also have sharpened your quantitative skills. However, it is suggested that you should test these skills and you can do this only with the help of practice tests. There are good sources online from where you can take free practice tests.

If you are not happy with your score, take more tests:

Initially, you can just take one or two practice tests and if you find that the reports are not satisfactory, you will have to work on problem areas and should rectify your mistakes in further tests.

As a final word, if you feel that there should be some improvement in your English vocabulary skill, taking an advanced-level course can help.

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