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Things To Know When You are Planning To Take GMAT Test

Students interested in pursuing the MBA course from a foreign university would have heard about GMAT test. This Graduate Management Test is a computer-adaptive standardized test that is conducted in mathematics and English papers. It is conducted for determining the aptitude of the student in these papers and to find whether he/she will be in a position to succeed educationally in graduate business studies abroad.

Almost all B-schools abroad use the score of this test as the criteria for admission of students to the business administration programs in top international colleges.

Test papers and score:

Not just mathematical and verbal ability, but the analytical skill of the test takers is also evaluated through this test. So, the test takers will have to answer questions in each of these three sections. The duration of the test is four hours and once a candidate has obtained a valid GMAT score, it will be valid for five years only. Typically, the cut of marks is 800 in the test.

Sections in the test:

As mentioned earlier, there are three parts in the test and they are:

Analytical Writing assessment:

This section is shortly called as AWA and it will have two essays as questions. In the first part, the test takers will have to analyze an argument and in the second part, an issue needs to be analyzed. The maximum time for completion of this section is 30 minutes and the answer sheet will be evaluated by two readers and each of them will give a mark between 0-6. The first part is for determining the creative writing ability of the test takers, while the second is to identify the ability of the student to express, develop and organize ideas with appropriate support.

Quantitative section:

This section will have 37 multiple-choice questions and this section should be completed within the duration of 75 minutes. The questions under this section are classified under two categories and they are data sufficiency and problem solving and the scoring ranges from 0 to 51 points.

  • Problem solving: This part will have questions from elementary geometry, fundamental algebra and arithmetic. There will be five choices and the correct option should be chosen.
  • Data sufficiency: Some unusual set of directions are used in this section for testing the reasoning ability of test takers. There will be two associated statement for the questions that will help with answering, but the test takers should choose which of the two statements will bring the right answer.

Verbal section:

This section will have 41 multiple choice questions and the time allotted for completion is 75 minutes. There will be questions under three sections namely; reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction:

  • Sentence correction: Here, the ability of the candidates in dealing with international English style and grammar will be evaluated.
  • Critical reasoning: Here, there will be brief statements or arguments and an analysis should be conducted the examinee for identifying the right answer.
  • Reading comprehension: This section will test the ability of candidates to critically read the given passage on the basis of which certain questions are to be answered.

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