Tips To Interpret GRE Scores

The aim of GRE examination, which is conducted by the Educational Testing Service, is to measure the analytical writing, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning ability of the test-takers. Scoring well in this test is important for gaining admission to most of the graduate schools in many countries around the world, particularly in the United States of America.

Make or break an application:

Many test-takers are aware of the fact that GRE scores can make or break their application. When it comes to engineering students, they will have to begin their application process for this test during their sixth semester, while those pursuing three-year degree courses can begin the process after completion of their degree.


Generally, it would take around three months to prepare for this test. Nevertheless, it is recommended that the test-takers should begin the process of preparation much earlier, so that they can take up the examination as early as possible. This early preparation will also help them in putting more effort to obtain a good score right in the first attempt itself. It is recommended that Indian students should give more importance to the verbal section in this test. The reason is that Indian students generally fail to score well in this section. If a candidate finds that he/she has scored very less, he/she has the option to take up the test again. If they feel that retaking is not possible, they can use the initial attempt score itself for applying to the universities in foreign countries.

Better understanding of category of universities:

To get a better understanding of the category of universities to which a candidate can apply on the basis of his/her score at the GRE test, here are some details about how to interpret the score:

320-340: This is stated as the high range score and when a candidate gets this score, he/she can directly apply to top universities. Generally, those with this much score will obviously have a good academic record as well and this will be an added advantage when applying for renowned universities abroad.

300-319: Most of the Indian students generally score within this range. Those with this score range will have an average to above-average educational records. These students can apply to many top universities, but they will have balance the list with applications to other institutions as well.

299 and below: Less than 299 is generally considered a low-range score and it might not be adequate for seeking admission to a university abroad. So, with such a score, a candidate can either apply for the GRE test again or can apply to an institution that accepts low score. Otherwise, they can also apply to universities that do not state that GRE score is mandatory.


There are institutions that offer training to prepare Indian students for GRE test. So, those looking for an appropriate guidance to take up the test, can enroll themselves right from the second or third year of the degree course in such an institution and can get good training and once they gain confidence, they can take up the test.

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