How to Prepare for PSUs Interview after GATE

How to Prepare for PSUs Interview after GATE

How to Prepare for PSUs Interview after GATE

Nowadays for higher education, most of the students appear for GATE examination to secure a bright career and taking them a step closer to the PSUs
. A large section of students apply for PSUs, but the selection among them is very tough. The biggest hurdle being employed is converting the PSU interview.

Concept should be Strong to crack PSU Interview: 

One needs to plan for the PSU interview and make a strategy. Being selected for PSU means one have the technical edge over others. One must be thorough with its concept and knowledge. Especially the final year projects and the industrial training are very important. The methodology, learning, experience and interests are to be prepared. There should be a valid reason for going to a company for an intern or selecting a topic for the project.

Similarly, it is advisable to prepare for two or three subjects as interviews are focused on more than one subjects. In depth knowledge on the subjects are required and its application for the proposed company. Likewise, the reason for selecting the subject must be known and well prepared.
Company Knowledge is also Important:

Apart from the technical knowledge, information about the company is also important. First, a list of companies as per the priority is to be made and applied accordingly. Now, you should know about the products that they made, projects, some board of directors, etc. which provides an edge during the introduction and reasons for joining the company. It is advisable not to waste a lot of time on this, an hour in a day for planning is more than enough.
One should also be clear about the HR policy, the pay scale and the tree-structure of the position of the company. It is necessary to understand the role and area of appointment before joining. This also helps to plan for the growth and learning one gets while working in the company. Likewise, one must know about the pay scale they are about to receive. It is always seen that many are confused about the receiving amount and offering amount. Having a clear understanding about the CTC (cost to company) and the amount to be received on hand is necessary.

Resume must be Impressive:

The most important thing to be focused for PSU Interview is the resume. The resume must be impressive and well organised. Sufficient time on preparation of resume should be given. A lot of questions are based on resume. The achievements mentioned in the resume are to be prepared as any question on it may be asked. Any false achievements or entries must be prohibited as in interview they touch all the aspects of the resume. If caught, the dream of PSU comes to a halt.

One must also practice of speaking fluently and properly. Not losing the temperament and answering politely and clearly impresses the interview panel. One must not be reluctant in saying no to an answer if it is not known. Likewise, if they put on pressure, aggressiveness is not to be reflected. Prepare yourself to handle such situation. This can be done by practising group discussions or a form of debate where one needs to present its ideas or views firmly, systematically and politely.