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Journalism & Mass Communication is a field of study for you, just see its spectrum

Your career in Journalism and Mass Communication You must be well acquainted with the fact that large number of students apply for Journalism and Mass communication for their Degree courses. Now we must elaborate: What is Journal... Read More

What is market risk

What is this ‘Risk’? The common understanding of the term „risk‟ is the chance of incurring loss. Investments which have a higher chance of loss are considered more risky than investments for which the chances of incurrin... Read More

Photography is a Passionate Career with Good Income

Photography is a Passionate Career with Good Income A picture is worth 1000 words; a picture can best express what words cannot; pictures look more beautiful than a bland sentence; such idioms are available many in number, but wh... Read More

A career in Bachelor of Mass Media and Mass Communication is a thrilling one

A career in BMMMC (Bachelor of Mass Media and Mass Communication) Bachelor of Mass Media and Mass Communication (BMMMC) is one among the most sought after courses in these days. Various types of “media-personalities” are the v... Read More

Business Ethics

Business Ethics Perhaps the most practical approach is to view ethics as a catalyst that causes managers to take socially responsible action.Movement towards considering ethics as a critical part of management education began in ... Read More

Journalism, A Profession with Dynamism!

Journalism, A Profession with Dynamism! First of everything, let me admit the fact that I was quite fascinated by the title I have give here for this article, not just because it sounds good, but for the honest fact being Journali... Read More

What are Reasons for moving Towards The Journalism Courses?

The Journalism Courses will offer you a well-rounded educational program. Journalism courses will build on the basic and advanced composition skills and type of communications as well. The journalism courses focus on the fundament... Read More

Practical training: the key to good journalistic reporting

By Nitindra Nath Bandyopadhyay A few months back, while giving an interview, I was asked by a senior journalist, “Nitin, Will you be able to cope with reporting in interior Punjab?” My reply was immediate: “Why not Sir!” T... Read More

Journalism Institutes

The Sunday Indian School of Journalism (A venture of Planman Media & IIPM),Chandigarh PG Diploma in Journalism - 1 Year, Full Time, Post Graduate Diploma Fees: INR 215000 (Autonomous Program) 100% Placement Record Free En... Read More

Journalism Is a Good Career option

Journalism is considered as the most well known courses among the selected professional courses in India which have acquired a lots of popularity now a days. It is not like all the fields, as it is very challenging and even everyo... Read More

Online Photojournalism Course

Many students in all over the world are interested in doing film and image courses. There is one course which is based on Film, images & historical interpretation in the 20th century for those who have a general interest in hi... Read More

Mass Communication Colleges That Give you Right Exposure

Mass Communication Colleges That Give you Right Exposure Right Course at Right College Matters the Most, so for you guys who have chosen Mass Communication as your right course, now it’s time to decide on your right college. Med... Read More