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Students should choose the required number of electives from the list below. All electives carry 3 credits each.

(IJ2100) Political Reporting
This course teaches students how to approach breaking stories and analytic pieces involving national and local governments. By covering parties and politicians, from campaigns to press conferences, students learn the complexities of the political scene. All students with specialization in national political news are required to take this course.

(IJ2101) Business and Financial Reporting
This course is an introduction to business and financial reporting, exploring corporate stories, industry news, national and local economic trends, and financial markets. Students learn what news is important to readers, where to find, and how to analyze and present them. All students with specialization in business reporting are required to take this course.

(IJ2102) Covering International News
Students learn how to go about researching and capturing news on fast-breaking international events. The importance of distinguishing facts from propaganda, and the importance of reflecting different points of view are emphasized. The impact of modern communication in the globalization process is also discussed. All students with specialization in international news are required to take this course.

(IJ2103) Magazine Writing
Long-form narrative writings of the form that have appeared in major national and international magazines will be explored. What makes a magazine story different from newspaper reporting? Narrative energy, the story-telling voice, the shift from observation to insight and interviewing techniques are some of the discussion topics. All students with concentration in magazine publishing are required to take this course.

(IJ2104) Investigative Reporting
Students learn to write investigative articles about government policy and other areas by cross reading different published articles and documents, and by interviewing key players - in search of contradictions and misrepresentations. Examples of major investigations and other materials published by Investigative Reporters and other organizations form the basis of the study.

(IJ2105) Digital Photo Journalism
This course teaches reporting with a camera. The class will learn photo-reporting for a newspaper as well as the photo essay that explores one subject at length. The technology of transferring the digital photo for the Web will also be studied.

(IJ2106) Opinion and Editorial Writing
Students are introduced to editorials and opinions expressed in the media. The course teaches how the subject is chosen, formulated, and presented. The style of writing editorials and opinions is also covered.

(IJ2107) Covering the Arts and Cultural Events
Students will learn to cover different aspects and forms of art, and learn its importance to daily life. The world of ideas is another related area that is both compelling and important to human experience. Further, the impact of "established," "popular" and "emerging" cultures on society will be examined.

(IJ2108) Sports Reporting
Much more is involved in sports and games these days than who won, who lost and why. Complex questions involve the sociology, the psychology and the business of sport, and perhaps more importantly, the ethics of sport.

(IJ2109) Covering Social and Religious Issues
These two distinct but inter-related subject areas are of considerable importance to a sustainable and peaceful culture and society. Students will learn to write with an edge about issues of poverty, social class, labour, crime, religion and spirituality, traditions, environment and a host of other topics.

(IJ2110) Covering Health and Environmental Issues
Health issues include those related to the field of medicine, delivery of healthcare, and environmental health. Environmental issues include local and global problems related to pollution, contamination, adulteration and other. The relationship between health and environment is also discussed. Students will be required to report on stories dealing with health and environment problems currently faced by the Bangalore community.

(IJ2111) Issues in Developmental Journalism

Developmental issues such as poverty eradication, healthcare delivery, literacy programs, infrastructure development and others are examined in this course. The roles of institutions of government, bilateral and international agencies, non-governmental organizations, and philanthropy are studied to understand how policies and programs are carried out, and their impact. All students with specialization in developmental issues are required to take this course.

(IJ2112) Rural Reporting

This course calls for students to carry out their beat reporting in rural areas on issues that are part of the daily life in villages. Problems faced by the rural population are examined, and issues dealing with farming, rural education and vocational training, role of women and the administration of villages are some of the stories covered.

(IJ2114) Television News Magazines & Documentary
Students report and produce stories ranging in length from five to ten minutes, designed for news, magazine and documentary style programmes. Students work in small teams on feature stories, investigative reports and profiles.

In addition, anchoring for television is approached in a systematic manner with emphasis on hands-on learning. Students directly apply their knowledge in the daily TV bulletin, Bangalore@7 that forms a valuable part of real time reporting experience. The emphasis is on substance and the ability to investigate and document a series of facts and events in an interesting manner for the medium. All students with concentration in Television are required to take this course.

(IJ2115) Radio News Bulletin and Documentary
Students produce stories for radio news bulletins. They research, interview, record and produce bulletins to a deadline, individually and in teams. They also work in teams on longer programs like documentaries and features, with an emphasis on research and investigation tuned to the medium. All students with concentration in Radio are required to take this course.

(IJ2117) Covering Science and Technology
Science and technology have become very much a part of our lives that the two are now inseparable. Information technology, for instance, has virtually taken over our daily tasks through devices such as personal computers, mobile phones and automated banking. The media recognizes the need to talk about technology in simple, layman terms so that the general public can understand even complex issues. Many newspapers have introduced technology pages, and more television channels have begun to devote more than a few hours a week to technology news. Some magazines have appointed Science and Technology correspondents. Bangalore is a hub of scientific research institutions and IT related-business activities. Apart from hardware and software, business processing and outsourcing have become a very important aspect of business. IIJNM students are expected to find informative stories from the technology and science sector. Students will study the impact of IT, as well as breakthroughs in bio-technology and medical technology, and learn to report on them in a simple, clear style.

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