The Future of Journalism

The Future of Journalism

There is expected to be little or no change in employment through 2016. Competition will continue to be taken for jobs on large metropolitan and national newspapers, broadcast stations and networks and magazines.

Small broadcast stations and publications ad online newspapers and magazines should provide the best opportunities.

The Employment of news analyst, reporters and correspondents is expected to grow 2 percent between 2006 and 2016 which is considered to be little or no change in employment. Many factors will contribute to the limited job growth in this occupation.

Consolidation and convergence should continue in the publishing and broadcasting industries.

As a result the companies will be better able to allocate their news analyst, reporters and correspondents to cover news stories.

Constantly improving the technology also is allowing workers to o their jobs more efficiently another factor that will limit the number of workers needed to cover a story or certain type of news. The continued deemed for news will create some job opportunities. Job openings also will result from the need to replace workers who leave their occupations permanently, some news analysts, reporters and correspondents find the work too stressful and hectic or do not like the lifestyle and then transfer to the other occupations.

Competition will continue to be taken for the jobs on the large metropolitan and the national newspapers, broadcast stations and networks and magazines. Job opportunities will be the best for the applicants in the expanding world of new media such as online newspaper or magazines. Some local papers and news stations also will provide the greater job prospect for the potential reporters and the news analyst. There are many journalism colleges in India that provides the best journalism course. For the beginning newspapers reporters, freelancing will supply more opportunities for the employment as well.

Students with a background in journalism as well as another specific subject matter such as politics, economics or biology will have an advantage or those without the additional background knowledge.

Journalism graduates have the background for work in closely related fields such as advertising and public relations and many take jobs in these fields.

Other graduates accept the sales, managerial or other non media positions. The number of job openings in the newspaper and broadcasting industries in which the news analyst, reporters and the correspondents are employed is sensitive to economic upswings and downturns because these industries depend on the advertising revenue.

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I am from Gulbarga, plz tell me the time duration of MBBS course in India
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# Jagan 2017-02-11
In India, the present duration of MBBS course is 5.5 years, The actual course period is 4.5 years and one year of rotating internship should be completed, you can find some good MBBS colleges in Gulbarga-Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College ; Khaja Banda Nawaz Institute of Medical Sciences
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