All about 5 famous lawyers

All about 5 famous lawyers

Law is one of the toughest profession to study in this world, basically becuase you are expected to work for the long hours and most definately never stop studying.As much this is true it is still a great profession to be in because at the end of the day the lawyers help bring out the truth and then bring justice to the people.

Below mentioned is the list of the names of the People who pursued Law Course

Nelson Mandela

Famous as the crusader of the anti-apartheid movement,Nelson Mandela was a professional lawyer and attended the Fort Hare University and University of Witwatersand where he studies law.

He was the only south African in his law class.

In the year 1952 Madela established the first black law firm in south africa with Oliver Tambo. However his active participation in the African National Congress saw him quiting his full time law career.

Mahatma Gandhi

Famous to employ non-violent civil disobedience to support a cause he truley belevied in Mohandas  Karamchand Gandhi was also a lawyer by profession.Commonly referred to as Father of the Nation Gandhi's family wanted him to be a barrister as it would increase the prospects of him succeeding to his father's post.

Gandhi travelled to London in the year 1888 when he studied law and jurisprudence and enrolled at the Inner temple with the Intention of becoming a barrister.

After completing his studies he returned to India where he practiced law breifly but felt that he was psychologically unable to cross question witness.After this he accepted a year long contract from Dada abdulla and Co an Indian firm to a post in south Africas.

Gandhi originally went there as a legal advisor but his life changed as he becomes an advocate for the rights of the oppressed.

On returing to India, Mahatma Gandhi led India to Independence and Inspired the Movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.

Abraham Lincoln

Known to be an extremyl talented lawyer Abraham Linclon had very littel formal schooling.He was not neat or orderly but usually had many cases in court.

For twnety three years lincloln greatest skills was cross examination and he was extremly good at making oral arguments.

He was the 16th president of the United States and is known to have led US through the Civil war.

He is also the man who abolished slavery ,strenghted the fedral government and modernised the economy of America.

He is considered by many to be the greatest US president of all times.

B R Ambedkar

Columbia University and London school of economics.He also made a reputation for himself in the feild of research in law economics and political science.

In his early career he was an economist, professor and lawyer.His later life was marked by his political activites where he bacome involved in the negotiations for India Independence contributing significantly to the establishment of the state of India.

Barack Obama

The first African American to become  the president of USA, barack  obama is a graduate from Columbia University and Harvard Law school.He also served as the president of the Harvard Law  review.

He was a community organiser in Chicago before earning his law degree.

He worked as a civil rights attorney and taught constitutional law at the university of chicago law school from 1992 to 2004.He attained the national attention in 2004 during his campaign to represent Illinios in the United states senate.He was finally elected as the president of America in the year 2016 when he defeated Republican nominee John Mc Cain in the general elections.

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