Is UK Law Degree valid in India ?

Is UK Law Degree valid in India ?

Is UK Law Degree valid in India

The law degree obtained from United Kingdom is recognized and valid in India. But practically speaking Indian law is not taught in UK and it shall have no practical use in India except a degree.

Otherwise, law degree obtained from United Kingdom will have more weightage than Indian Law Degree. LLM degrees from UK are preferred by.

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To Practice law in India with your UK LLB Degree, you must pass a qualification test conducted by the Bar Council of India.

The Degrees in law from the following Universities in United Kingdom enjoy recognition by the Bar Council of India provided:

(i). The students have undergone a regular law course after graduation in the pattern of 10+2+3+3 or a 5 year course in the pattern of 10+2+5

(ii)  The following conditions are applicable for Universities

(a)Three years’ LLB degree only if taken after a three years’ bachelor degree course in any subject ( that is after obtaining BA / BSc /BCom /BBA); or

(b) Three Years’ LL.B. course followed immediately by 1 year whole time LPC/BVC and followed by a contract of service with a Law Firm for two years to be entitled to be enrolled as a solicitor or take pupilage for a year in a Chamber of a qualified Barrister to be a Master, or

(c) Four Years’ of LLB jointly with another subject like Finance, Accounts, Management or a Language to be immediately followed by one year full time LPC/BVC from a College of Inns of courts/ Solicitors Society or a Master degree in Law.

The following universities law degree from United Kingdom is recognized and valid in India and Bar Council of India.

1. Buckingham University
2. City University of London
3. Council for National Academic Awards
4. Hull University
5. Inns of Courts School of Law
6. Leeds University
7. Leicester University
8. London University
9. Oxford University
10. Cambridge University
11. Thames Valley University
12. Cardiff University
13. University Of Brimingham
14. University Of Lancaster
15. University Of Heartfordshire
16. University Of Durham
17. University Of Liverpool
18. University Of Warwick
19. University Of Bristol
20. East Anglia University
21. Nottingham University
22. University Of Manchester
23. Bangor University
24. Kingston University, London
25. University of Wolverhampton School Of Legal Studies
26. School Of Law, University Of Sheffield, U.K
27. Kent Law School, University Of Kent, Canterbury
28. School Of Law, University Of East London
29. School Of Law, University Of Southampton
30. University Of Westminister
31. Burnel Law School, Brunel University, West London
32. School Of Law, Birmingham City University

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0 # Priyansh 2017-09-12
Hii, I am from Ratnagiri, please tell me the duration of B.Ed course
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0 # Mukesh 2017-09-13
Hello, Good to see that you are from Ratnagiri, the duration of B.Ed course is 2 years
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0 # HITESH SHAH Older than three months
send me uk llm degree school/university details with name list as per llm degree valid by bar coucil of india
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0 # HITESH SHAH Older than three months
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0 # Pragati Singh Older than three months
After doing llb,full time LPC/BVC course and 2 years contract. Is it possible to apply for PCSJ exam in india ?
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0 # Older than three months
I have all the above a law degree ,LLb(Hons.) from the Law No.32 on the above listschool Of Birmingham City University
I had contract of service for 2 years wih a law firm,entitling e to nrolled as a solicitor on 16thSeptember, 2002. i applied to the Punjab Haryana ,State Bar Council in August2013. The senrt a letter to the BCI for approval of the foreign university(UK) ,before approving my application to be enrolled on the state bar council.Now in June 20014. No approval from BCI has come through despite the clear indication on the internet that University is approved and LPC is completed full time followed by the LLb, 2 years training contract completed.All evidence was submitted in August 2013 wit appropriate Fees. Please advise me of the follow up.
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0 # Older than three months
I have a masters in Business Administration and now I am applying for Law school in UK. I have offer from city university for GE LLB which is a 2 year law program. And 1 year BPTC course. From what I have read from BCI website that the law degree has to be 3 years and 1 year qualifying certificate course. Is this course recognised by BCI. Can you help me with this.
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0 # Older than three months

I am a law graduate from Panjb Univ. I want to study LLm from UK/Canada. Please suggest the universities. Also let me know if the degree obtained from these universities are held valid by the BAR council of India.
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0 # Older than three months
What is the suitable Career aftre BCA?

which is better MBA or MCA & through which university in India?
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