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IMT Nagpur campus tour

IMT Nagpur is one of the campuses of the Institute of Management Technology. The unique feature of the campus is that, it is located in the midst of greenery and has a very peaceful surroundings. The campus gels together the natural beauty and the modern urban infrastructure. According to the students, you will see the best of both worlds at the IMT Nagpur campus. The MBA school has all what the other top MBA schools in India are proud of. The unique pedagogy, excellent facilities and experienced faculty make this MBA School amongst the top MBA schools of India.

All in a day’s work
For the students of IMT Nagpur, the day starts early in the morning with the expectation of a surprise test, case presentation, assignment submission followed one after the other.  “After a quick breakfast we walk into those grueling sessions where the toughest task masters, the faculty waits for us. After a series of exhaustive 90 minutes sessions, it is evening time, the time to play,” said Rajeev Mishra, a second year student of IMT Nagpur.

The games in which the students immerse themselves in order to unwind their minds are football and counter strike. “Football and counter-strike are more than games at IMT-N they are a matter honor and pride,” Mishra passionately said.

Life basically starts for the students post dinner at IMT Nagpur. “The IMTian will now have some time to himself, when he can meet up with his forum members to engage in their favourite pursuit, the extra-curricular activities,” Mishra added. Post that the students complete their pending assignments and projects. “Once the IMTian is done with truck loads of this work, he can peacefully go to sleep after say good morning to the Sun God,” Mishra said while concluding about the day’s activities.

Hangout zones in IMT Nagpur
According to Mishra, the entire campus of the MBA School offers the students places to hangout. “Our lush green, wi-fi enabled campus offers a lot of hangout places, hostel rooftops to sunshine gate to benches in the ground to LRC (Learning Resource Centre) to Canteen,” he said. “These are ideal places to hangout at IMT where we live work and play together,” he added.

Hostel life
According to Mishra, the hostel is a home away from home for the students of IMT Nagpur. “We have so much to do here that a TV is a bygone phenomenon of our lives,” he mentioned. “No timing restrictions at the hostels mean that there is no prescribed time to have fun and you will always find people with common interest which makes learning a natural process,” he added.

For Mishra and all the other students of IMT Nagpur, the hostel and the MBA School as a whole provides a diverse peer group which in itself is a vast and rich source of knowledge and experience. “In fact fun and work are entwined to such an extent that you don’t know when you are learning while having fun,” Mishra exclaimed.

Events to look forward
Milestone 34 and Milestone 35 are two important events of IMT Nagpur. “Milestone 34 is the internal event which is more like a fiesta eternalizing the spirit of IMT Nagpur. Milestone 35 is the annual cultural and management fest of IMT Nagpur. It is our scintillating National event, the pride of IMT Nagpur,” Mishra emphasized. IT and Business Intelligence Conference is another important event of the MBA School campus. Ranbhoomi and Mahasangram are the sports events of IMT Nagpur.

For the IMT Nagpur aspirants
”Life at IMT Nagpur is a one of its kind of an experience, where you learn the deep principles and lessons of management without even realizing. The secluded location, state of the art facilities, campus learning through a diverse peer group and excellent faculty are all exclusive to IMT Nagpur -a home so much more than a home,” are the thoughts of Rajeev Mishra, which he wants to share with the MBA aspirants who wish to join this MBA school.

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