CAT 2016 Update - No Penalty For Wrong Non-MCQ Answers

CAT 2016 Update - No Penalty For Wrong Non-MCQ Answers

After the announcement of CAT 2016 made last Sunday, if you have been waiting for the 6th of August for the registration process to start, a relieving CAT 2016 update was issued by IIM, Ahmedabad. Yes, the announcement is that all questions in the forthcoming test that is planned to be held on the 29th of November 2016 will carry equal marks and there will not be any negative marks for non-multiple choice type questions.

First time in the history of CAT:

For the first time in the history of CAT, it was announced that the test that is planned to be conducted on this November will have short descriptive type questions apart from multiple-choice questions. The answers to these descriptive type questions will have to be typed on the computer screen in the online exam. In addition, the number of sections has also increased from 2-3.

Number of Non-MCQ questions:

The descriptive type answer questions, which are otherwise called as non-MCQs will find place in each of the three sections and it is expected that the numbers can be somewhere between 5 and 8 in each section. However, the exact number of not yet known.

Answers to be typed on computer screen:

You might be aware of the fact that CAT 2016 is a computer based test and this is applicable to all questions inclusive of non-MCQs. You will have to type the answers for these descriptive questions on the computer itself. Non-MCQ questions will carry 3 marks each and there will not be any negative marking for wrong answers given for descriptive type questions.

Two sections with appropriate order should be followed:

As mentioned earlier for CAT 2016, there will be 3 sections as against 2 sections followed earlier. However, the number of questions will remain as 100 as it was earlier. For all the three sections an equal time of 60 minutes will be given for solving. The first is the quantitative aptitude section with 34 questions, second will be Data interpretation and logical reasoning section with 32 questions and the third section will be Verbal and Reading Comprehension section or VRC with 34 questions. As mentioned earlier, there will be descriptive type questions in all these three sections, but the exact number of not revealed yet by the convening authority.

The important point to remember here is that you cannot move from one section to another before completion of each one of them within the allocated time of 60 minutes. In addition, you cannot attempt the sections as per your wish and it should be done only as per the instruction in pre-specified order, which will remain common for all candidates.

Mock test:

As no specific syllabus is announced for CAT 2016, the convening authority has recommended that candidates can take up a mock test to get an understanding about the type of questions and the format of question paper. They can keep checking the official website for details about Mock test. So keep watching.

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