Minimum Percentile Required in MAT for Admission in Top B-schools

Minimum Percentile Required in MAT for Admission in Top B-schools

Management Aptitude Test shortened as MAT is the standardized test that is conducted right from the year 1988 to facilitate B-schools for admission of candidates not only for the MBA programmes, but also for allied programmes as well. Not only national B-schools, but also international B-schools consider this score as admission input for selection of suitable students. About 600 B-schools across India admit students on the basis of this score.

One of the important criteria: Generally, top B-schools in India admit candidates to the course on the basis of CAT/MAT score. Here, most of the top business schools have their own percentage requirement for admission of candidates. Even though, this score is considered, there are other criterion also taken into consideration like performance of candidates in Personal Interview and group discussion and of course, their score in the qualifying degree examination is also considered. To be on the safer side, a respectable percentage is needed to get admission to the top B-schools.

MAT Score: Here is the list of the institutions and the respective MAT percentile they look for admission of candidates to the MBA programme:

Institutes looking for 400+ Percentile:

  • DBA Global Business School - 500
  • A.I.M.S School of Business - 500
  • Galgotias Business School - 450
  • Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College Faculty of Management Studies - 450
  • New Delhi Institute of Management – 400

Institutes looking for 100+ Percentile:

  • Tirpudes Department of Management Studies & Research - 150
  • Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research -130
  • Allana Institute of Management Sciences – 100

Institutes looking for MAT Percentile between 75 and 100:

  • Institute of Rural Management - 94
  • Global Institute of Management (GIM) - 94
  • Indian Institute of Finance - 94
  • NIILM-Center for Management Studies – 94
  • Alliance Business School - 90
  • Tezpur University (Department of Business Administration) - 86
  • Muenchen International Business School - 85
  • Govindram Seksiria Institute of Management Research - 85
  • RIMT Institute of Management Computer Technology - 84
  • Amrapali Institute of Management Computer Applications - 79
  • Punjab College of Technical Education - 76
  • Vision Institute of Advanced Studies - 75
  • Grahambell PG College - 75
  • Amity International Business School - 75
  • Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology - 75
  • Assam University, Department of Business Administration – 75

How to calculate MAT Percentile?

Many students have a doubt in this regard. But, this percentile cannot be calculated by candidates unless and until they know the number of students, who have appeared for the MAT Test and how many has scored less than them. The following formula is used for calculation of MAT Percentile of candidate:

P = Number of candidates scored less than an individual’s score/N x 100.

Here P indicates the percentile scored by the candidate, while N is the total number of candidates, who appeared for the MAT Test in a particular session.

This test was announced as a National Level Test from the year 2003 by the Ministry of HRD of Government of India.

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