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10 Perfect Resume Tips for BBA students

Finding a job starts with producing your resume to the HR or the interviewer. Your resume represents you. Thus, it has to be a perfect and flawless piece of document so that it can get you an interview.

However, you will not get the job by just sending CV to your desired company.  But it is the first step towards your job.  The document will help you get an interview call. Therefore, your CV has to be simple and easy to understand. Experts say that a resume gets a recruiter’s glance just for 10 seconds or so. That means you cannot write stories to impress your recruiter. Your resume should be able to clearly speak about your skills set and your abilities to fulfill companies’ requirements.

To make a perfect resume to get your desired job, follow a few dos and don’ts given below:

1.First look of your resume

The first look of resume should not be too fancy. It should be simple. Use the traditional font and a single font for the whole document. However, you can change the font size to highlight headings or any special section. Your resume should be single pager or maximum two pages.

2. Heading

Start your resume with your name and important information. Your interviewer should not struggle to look for your name and other basic details. Your name should be in bold and use a different font size for it so that it appears bigger than any other information.

3. Formatting

The appearance of your resume does make a difference. Your resume must be properly formatted. It should not disturb the reader’s eyes. Rather the resume must be clear and easy to process all your details. Apply a logical format and try to differentiate between all your sections. Use margins to make it look comprehensible. Try to use font of Times New Roman. The font size can be 9 to 12 point size. Stick to white paper with black ink. Wherever necessary, vary between Bold, Italic and Underline to highlight important information.

4. Career objective

Avoid adding career objective or summary in your resume. It doesn’t make a difference to what you have written. It is just a filler occupying space in your resume. Rather focus on your strengths and accomplishment that will get you a job.

5. Activities & Special Interests

Another   filler that you can avoid is adding your Activities & Special Interests. Your recruiter is not bothered with your habits, special interest, activities and your personal information unless you are of use to him and his company. Also, stick to information related to you. Why would an employer be interested in knowing occupation of your mother and father?

6. No photos please!

You are sending your resume to a recruiter for a job not for a marriage proposal. You need not pose for your resume!

7. Templates CV

You have to be cautious while using templates for your CV.  Do not rely on the templates blindly. Make sure to make necessary changes. However, experts recommend to  explore your own style for the CV. That way, you can easily add or delete relevant information on the basis of prominence.

8. Education Qualification

Last things first and first things last. Make sure to put the latest degree on the top, that is, use a reverse chronological order. Mention all what you have studied so far from class X to your Masters, certificate or Diploma courses.

9. Professional Experience

Again, you have to use the same format used in the educational section, i.e. reverse chronological order. List your most recent or present job/ internship on the top and then work backwards. You can write a brief line about your company and what they do. Also, write about your profile and role in the company. Mention your accomplishment, if any. You need not to use full sentences. Phrases can be used for the same.

10. Proofread

Read and then re-read your resume. Look for any errors and fix them. Ask others to read your resume. Take their opinion and edit accordingly.

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# Tushar 2017-01-26
Hii, I am from Purulia, plz tell me Is there any provision that one can pursue any other management degree or diploma in IIMs without appearing for any entrance test ?
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# Shruti 2017-01-27
No, for getting admission in IIMs for management course, you should have to clear entrance exam, but there are many other MBA colleges in Purulia where without entrance you can take admission
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