35 days are left for MAT Entrance Exam

35 days are left for MAT Entrance Exam

35 days are left for MAT Entrance Exam

The count down for the MAT Exam has now begun and now only 35 days are left for the preparation. AIMA MAT will be exam score that will be accepted over 600 B-Schools across India. Students should utilize the 35 days in a very effective manner. Below mentioned are the tips to prepare for the MAT Exam.

1. Active Self-Analysis

Firstly it is very important for the students to understand that an effective self analysis will very helpful. One needs to identify the areas that you are strong in and the areas that you are weak in. One can take as many as MOCK Tests may be 3 to 4 in a day and then identify the weak areas from them.

The MOCK Test will help you to identify the weak areas and then can them to improve these areas. Then you can also talk to the students who have taken the MAT December and May  -February exam for further tips.Also review the MAT Exam papers and solve the questions.

2. Plan of Action

The entire month of April should be spent in taking the MAT mock test, take the feedback from the students who have written the MAT Exams and collect the feedback from the educational blogs and forums.

In 35 days time one should have completed all the concepts and try to solve as many questions as you can.

3. Focus on the various MAT sections

Management Aptitude test consists of 5 sections.Each section will have 40 questions. The total numbers of questions counts to 200 and each should be answered within 2 hours 30 minutes.

Below mentioned is the preparation strategy for the each MAT section

A.Language Comprehension

This section basically focuses on the English part that is purely based on reading comprehension.

The only way to deal with the language comprehension section  is reading English newspapers, quality magazines and the novels on the daily basis. Watching news on the television can also add the plus point in your preparation.

Underline the words that you will not understand ,if you don't understand utilize the dictionary to find their meaning,synonyms and antonyms.

B.Mathamatical Skills

This section will test the students numerical or the mathamatical abilities. With the clarity in the concepts and the fundamentals one can score 100% marks in this section.

Questions can also be solved by using the good Mathamatical techniques by memorizing the formula and clearing the concepts of Vedic maths by using the short cut methods etc.

In order to memorize the formulas one should write down them on a piece on paper and stick it to the wall in the room and revise them regularly. Practice makes man perfect hence practice a lot so that you can score well in MAT MBA exam. Spending 3 to 4 hours on each and every section is very important.

C.Data Analysis and Sufficiency

Data analysis and sufficiency is a section where in one can score the maximum. The questions asked here are in form of the logical puzzles that is followed by 2 statements.

The best way to solve the questions is first to  understand the logic and the concept behind it.

Accuracy should also be maintained in solving the questions. One has to keep the mind cool in answering the questions.

D.Intelligence and critical reasoning

This section in the MAT entrance exam will test the student’s logical skills or the reasoning skills for solving the problem. In order to tackle this section one needs to build up the speed with various types of mathamatical techniques such as short cuts, use of Vedic maths etc. Analyze the question carefully, build the calculation speed and then practice as practice is the mantra of solving the questions in this section.

E.Indian and Global Environment

This section basically tests the IQ of the students.The questions here that are asked are general questions that cover the current happenings.One has to keep updated themselves with the current general knowldege books,magazines etc. Read the newspapers and also watch the news channels for the latest news. News here should be covered from all the aspects like politics, sports, entertainemnt, awards etc.

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