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After MBA In Marketing - The First Few Years

So, now you have completed your MBA in Marketing and have also got into a job in the field of marketing. Generally, for most of the candidates in this field, it will begin with sales. The reason is that to have a successful career, it is important that you should have a deep understanding about your business and the ground realities. So, even though, you hate selling and reaching clients from one place to another for selling the stuff of your employer, you will have to do it as it can bring great value to your career. So, why hate something that is going to bring fruitful results for your career?

The initial few years:

Remember that being your first job the initial few years are not going to be easier as per your dream. The responsibilities given to you in your first job might seem to be insignificant as compared to what you learnt in your MBA. You might get the feeling that you are doing something that it not worth for an MBA graduate. There is nothing to blame you for such a thought, but remember that what you learn from your experience will teach you more as against what you learnt from your education. As a marketer, it becomes important to understand the psyche of your customers, the market stand and the stand of your competitors as well. The best way to gather these details is to stay on the field amongst your customers. Even though, management can be stated as the steering wheel of the car, what really drives the car forward is the sales team.

Discussing marketing strategies:

During the initial stages of your career, you will have to spend most of your time discussing marketing strategies with your colleagues as you might have been taught the same in the college. You might feel frustrated of being in the wrong place, but never lose hope as the basement for successful careers are generally built in such circumstances only. Gradually, you will start loving your job and you will begin to enjoy the experience of spending the money that came out of your hard work. Here are some experiences you will gain from the initial years of your career after the marketing specialization MBA:


You have learnt a lot during the course about the functioning of businesses and so you will have deeper knowledge about the corporate world theoretically. But, this theoretical knowledge should be put to practice and of course, the knowledge will help you in making wise decisions and so you can expect good growth and can reach your vision in whichever organization you join.


During your MBA, you might have learnt a lot about finance and you know how companies manage their finances. Also, you will be aware of the operations of banks and financial institutions. All these theoretical knowledge should help in effective wealth management right from the initial stages of your job.

So, stay positive and let your career growth bring you all happiness.

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0 # Rohan 2017-01-30
Hello, I have done B.Sc Honors in Mathematice, am I eligible for MBA, if yes plz suggest MBA colleges in Malkangiri
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0 # Mukesh 2017-01-31
Yes, you are eligible for MBA, any graduate can do MBA if one have maths in 12th, find the list of MBA colleges in Malkangiri here- MBA in Malkangiri
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