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British MBA degree in India at an affordable fee

British MBA degree in India at an affordable fee

British MBA degree in India at an affordable fee Deciding to get an MBA education is quite a step, not just for occupation growth, but also because it requires a huge economic investment on your part. An MBA program comes with a price often a staggering price. The MBA degree will surely help in satisfying your career objectives by striking your overall knowledge and skills needed to progress in your role in the company. It will open a lot of opportunities in your career. The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is one of the most preferred college degrees for business professionals all over the world. Here you can find some affordable MBA programs in British. Many students would really like to entire their graduate degree, but often they are already in balance from their earlier academic efforts, so affordable MBA options are a priority. Students can really save a lot of time and money by carefully choosing a good, but reasonably priced MBA university or college. Quite a few of these colleges offer university-affiliated MBA degree programs with lower tuition fees. These colleges provide a low-cost option to international students as well as to working professionals. The British is just the exact place to give your career that global edge. British have a large number of other universities which rank among the best in the world like London Business School. One major advantage of British, MBA is its period which is one year as compared to the two years system in US and Canada. Most UK universities know the system of 3 year bachelor Best MBA Colleges in London for UK and International Students with less fee factor: • City of London College, 71 White chapel High St, London E1 7PL, Phone:+44 20 7247 2166 In the course of time the College has alert in adult training programs which lead directly to Masters-level qualifications or to the professional job market. This implies that the College presents only programs that are fully established by education institutions in Great Britain and abroad, and also by business and industry. Tuition Fee: £5,500 • London College of Accountancy, 19 Charterhouse Street, Phone:+44 20 7400 6789 LCA offers a variety of courses important to school and professional qualifications. The school has been very successful in supporting students achieve successful careers in business, management and accountancy. The school provides very competitively priced, top quality business education future for today’s student’s need for quality as well as the employer’s need for direct significance. Tuition Fee: £5,400 (16 months) • EThames Graduate School, 197 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SG, Phone:+44 20 7531 7320 EThames Graduate School is a large independent Higher Education College located in Canary Wharf in London. The school’s students achieve great results: in 2016 over 800 students gained a University of Sunderland MBA award. The College is a Premier Member of Study UK. EThames has agreements with four UK Universities to present undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Tuition Fee: £5,450 (12 months) • South London College, Equitable House, 10 Woolwich New Rd, London, SE18 6AB, Phone:+44 20 8305 8698 South London College is offering students from all over the world, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB), the chance to come to London to study the AIB MBA specializing in Entrepreneurial Management. AIB is a registered higher teaching provider located in Adelaide, South Australia. Tuition Fee: £6,200 • Oxford College of London, 156-158 Katherine Rd, London, Greater London E6 1ER, Phone:+44 871 200 2316 Oxford College of London welcomes both national and international students who like to be challenged and cheerful to think about them. The school stimulates the development of natural curiosity and allows ideas to increase through conversation and discuss. Education at OCL provides students the possibility to hone their minds as they experience new ideas and insights. Tuition fee: £6,600 • Maritime Greenwich College, 155-157 Deptford High Street, London SE8 3NU, Phone:+44 20 8305 8508 Maritime Greenwich College presents complete graduate and postgraduate programs to domestic and international students. It is the college’s objective to supply world-class education at reasonable rates. Maritime Greenwich College offers very flexible schedules to students in order to meet their individual needs. Tuition Fee: £6,700 • London School of Commerce, Chaucer House, White Hart Yard, London, Greater London, Phone:+44 20 7357 0077 The core courses in the LSC MBA program are developed to establish students to the explicit areas of business such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. The MBA degree is awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University. Tuition Fee: £6,950 • TASMAC London School of Business, 388 High Road, Wembley, London, HA9 6AR, Phone:+44 20 8206 0066 At TASMAC, students learn in a campus that offers extensive academic facilities and that are surrounded by beautiful parks. TASMAC campus is situated in Kingsbury and is suitably located just 20 minutes from Central London. At TASMAC London, students come to study in friendly, family like study setting with superior faculty to get inspired to achieve their highest. Tuition Fee: £7,000 • Williams College, 5 Holborn Circus, London EC1N 2HB, Phone:+44 20 7583 9222 This school’s MBA program is designed to increase academic understanding and know-how of main business concepts and how to use and evaluate business guidelines. All through the program students will enhance their academic capabilities and organization skills. The plan is perfect for those who would like to pursue a successful career as a business manager in a variety of industries. Tuition Fee: £7,950 for 1 Year MBA, £5,100 per year for 2 Years MBA • Herriot-Watt University, Parliament House, 35 N Row, London W1K 6DB, Phone:+44 20 7491 1841 West London College has been offering Herriot-Watt University business degree programs for twenty years now, and the school keeps very strong administrative and academic connections with the University. Students enrolled in Herriot-Watt University programs at West London College are as well registered as students of the University and can use the University’s facilities. Tuition Fee: £8,925 • Greenwich School of Management, Meridian House, Royal Hill, London SE10 8RD, Phone:+44 20 8516 7800 The school renamed itself into “GSM London”, and has been providing academic programs to over 20,000 students over the last decades, and currently some 4000 students are signed in. The school is known for the MBA in Accounting. Tuition Fee: £9,950 Eligibility Bachelor Degree: Most UK universities recognize the three-year graduation system for entry into the MBA programme. So, if you have a three-year bachelor degree like Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) or Bachelor of Science (BSc), this is suitable as it is considered corresponding to a British Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree. Some universities may require an Honours degree. This is usually equivalent to B.Com. (H), B.Sc. (H) or a four year degree course like B.E. For most good Universities, a good first degree from a leading university in India or its equivalent is essential. There are some universities that admit students for the MBA without a bachelor degree if they have extensive work experience and significant professional achievements. Work Experience: Most UK universities need a minimum of two to three years of work experience. This is essential. AMBA Accredited MBA Programs: All AMBA accredited MBA programmes require a minimum of three years of full-time work experience. No Work Experience There are around five to six UK universities that accept students who have no experience for direct entry into the MBA programme. There are many colleges in UK that offer University united MBA programs. They are much cheaper than University MBA Programs. They have very small campuses and very partial resources and faculty. It may be a good idea to research these institutes well before you apply to certify that you do not end up applying to schools that are not recognized. GMAT: GMAT is recognized and suggested by many universities. Most UK universities are flexible about this criterion and this is not a required requirement for most UK business schools. So, unless, you aiming for schools like London Business School or Manchester Business School, you need not worry about the GMAT. TOEFL/IELTS: You need to take either the TOEFL or IELTS for admission to an MBA program in U.K. This is required for almost all universities. This required for most schools even if you have studied in English medium throughout. Some schools ignore these criteria after a personal interview. MBA Application Procedure It explains the process of applying to UK universities for an MBA program. Application Requirements & Documents Required: 1. Academic Record - Transcripts & Mark sheets 2. Standardized Tests Score Reports 3. Work Experience Details - Resume 4. Letter of Recommendation 5. Application Essays / Statement of Purpose MBA Tuition Fee, Living Cost and Expenses Expenses (In Pound) approx Average Tuition Fee Average Living Costs Total costs per year Medium-cost Universities 9000 - 12000 7200 -9000 16200 - 21000 High-cost Universities 12000 - 30000 7200 - 9000 19200 - 39000 Low-cost Private Colleges 5000 7200 - 9000 12200 - 14000 For all the cost data above, • Fees given are averages • All costs are given in Pound Sterling • Living costs include accommodation, Energy bills, food etc. There are many small and private colleges, especially around British that offer low cost MBA programmes to international students. Many of these colleges have university joined MBA degree programme. These colleges offer a low-cost option to international students. These are the standard living expenses. Many international students control to live in as less as 4000 pounds a year. Most students prefer off-campus space which they share with other international students, thus saving housing costs to a big extent. Part-Time Work While Studying British is one of the few countries that allow international students to work even outside the campus. Students can work upto 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during vacations.MBA is a very serious program and you would have lot of coursework and projects to do at any time. It is not easy to take out time to do any extra work during the semester. Students are free to work full time during the holidays. There is no agreement required for most international students to take part-time and vacation work. Students can take up placements or internship placements, which are part of a ‘sandwich course’. Most jobs are minimum wage jobs like work in fast food joints and department stores. The higher paid jobs involve working in call centres. You should also explore opportunities available in your university. Approximate part-time earnings: 4 - 5 Pound Sterling per hour. It is important to find a good internship opportunity during your program. Not only do you get paid well if you work with a good organisation but also, it increases your employability on conclusion of the MBA program.

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