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CAT 2015 The Preparation strategy for Working Executives

There are many MBA aspirants who are attending for CAT 2015. Clearing the CAT basically required a dedicated preparation strategy. For the working professionals, attending the CAT Entrance Exam is not so easy.

However, working and managing MBA preparation is not an impossible task. All it requires is a little discipline, focus and a well-planned preparation schedule.

One of the first things that working candidates must figure out is their daily, weekly and monthly schedule. How much time can they spend on preparation on a daily and weekly basis? What will be more comfortable – attending regular coaching classes or taking online study modules? While coaching classes can be beneficial, online modules are more flexible in approach.

Based on their routine, a candidate has to draw up a detailed plan for MBA preparation. The plan must cover each aspect of the CAT syllabus, include preparation time for strengths and weaknesses and revision. Candidates need to devote at least eight hours a week to serious preparation.

CAT 2015 to be conducted by IIM Ahmedabad

Also, adhering to the schedule and measuring performance is of utmost importance. There’ll be days when one has to work late or during the weekends. Working executives have to offset lost time with extra effort during preparation tim

One also needs to set a target on how they intend to finish within a certain timeframe rather than deciding on how much time they’ll devote to a certain subject.

At the onset of preparation, candidates should focus on the basic and core topics. Once the basics are clear, it will be easier to solve difficult questions. Thereafter, one take a chapter-wise approach in each section.

Once the initial preparation is done, candidates need to start attempting mock tests and analyze the performance closely. These course tests can also help familiarize yourself with new test patterns.

Weekends are quite crucial for working executives. One has to stretch as much as they can to crack the MBA admission tests.

If you already appeared for CAT 2014, you’ll have a fair idea of how it works and how much time one needs to devote to it. Do a reality check before starting prep. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and areas you need to improve. Your study plan should focus more on improving on weak areas and later on attempting more mock tests.

Remember, work-experience gives an upper hand when it comes to securing admissions to top B-Schools of the country. So, just develop a proper preparation schedule and adhere to it.

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