CAT -Preparation tips.

CAT -Preparation tips.

The preparation of CAT Exam is very important no matter it is Paper-based or online test. The concepts doesn’t change every year when it comes to preperation.To get a good ranking in the exam continuous practice of previous years question papers are required.

 You can practice the question papers of most reputed institutes. It is not necessary that continuously you should have a computer based test. Minimum of 5 hrs of daily practice is required. While preparing for the exams one should be perfect in the basic concepts.

 You need to have the knowledge of the following concepts while preparing

1. Preparing Maths

2. Preparing Data Interpretation

3. Preparing Analytical reasoning

4. Preparing Reading comprehension

5. Preparing Verbal ability

6. Word list

7. Reading

 CAT Entrance exam is conducted even online so for that you need not worry regarding the pattern will be same as that paper based test for that you give the Mock online test by searching through google.Students are required to practice the CAT Exam in terms of speed and accuracy. You need to analyze the mock test once you complete it and try to solve more and more questions for the area for which you are poor.

 And one more important thing is you should never worry about constant thinking of the result and the ranking as this makes the work more difficult. 

You need to prepare the proper schedule so that most of time doesn’t get waste. Apart from that preparing a good time table also makes perfect for getting through the

 CAT with good ranking. All the IIM's and few MBA colleges in India accept the CAT Score. You need to keep one hour preparing for all the topics like

1 hour reading

2 hours of math

1 hour of analytical reasoning / data interpretation

1 hour of reading comprehension exercises / verbal ability

 You need to solve much more number of questions in limited hours do that it will be a practice for you in the exam. What happens in the CAT Entrance exam is that most of the students get stuck with the difficult question they become emotional and waste most of the time there. In that case students should always first answer the questions in which they are perfect and confident and then go for remaining questions.

 You need to keep the following points in mind while attending the mock interview test.

  1. Speed is very important to check: While practicing you need to check the speed so that every time you attend the mock interview you will have an idea to increase the speed.

      2. Concentration: concentration is very important as concentration helps to stretch the number of working hours and helps to solve the problem correctly.

 3. Positive thinking, good yoga and exercise also matters: Positive thinking is very important to get through the CAT. You should never feel that questions are difficult to solve and waste time you should always think that each and every question is easy.

 Last but not the least it is very important to take the test every alternative day so that you can revise on all the topics properly.



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Hii, I am from Bharuch, please tell me the duration of B.Ed course
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Hello, Good to see that you are from Bharuch, the duration of B.Ed course is 2 years
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