Complete Details About IGNOU MBA


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Complete Details About IGNOU MBA

Ignou MBA

IGNOU is termed as the “People’s University” as it offers immense flexibility offering a learner centric approach and contributes generously to the policy of openness through adapting a humanitarian approach by allowing flexibility in the completion of the programme contributed by an additional relief by Distance learning programmes. The programmes offered by the IGNOU University are Doctorate; masters and bachelors degree programmes; post-graduate and under-graduate diplomas; and certificates programmes at all levels.

The IGNOU School of Management Studies conducts an entrance exam called OPENMAT twice a year to unlock the potential of the students and not just strength and intellect. IGNOU provides students with sample test papers for learning for the entrance exams. The entrance test contains two hundred objective type multiple choice questions.

Students can get into IGNOU MBA only after passing through an entrance exam named OPENMAT conducted twice a year by the IGNOU school of Management Studies. The university also provides sample test papers for the students to get through entrance exams which contains two hundred objective type multiple choice questions.

IGNOU endeavors and prepares it students for the future and ensures students success and tends to grope them blindly in the dark when they are looking for solutions and provides students with constant evaluation and feedback and moulds students to do their MBA from IGNOU. IGNOU offers student’s opportunities to conduct extensive project work which helps them gain essential practical and relevant knowledge. Evaluation of the students for MBA is conducted more on the basis of the term end examinations rather than on the projects.

IGNOU serves the educational needs of about 1.8 million students in India. It has its presence in 32 countries abroad through 21 schools of studies. IGNOU has more than hundred courses at masters; post graduation, diploma and certificate level. IGNOU also offers MBA education through distance learning mode.

IGNOU, with its diverse programmes, low cost and a wide network, has succeeded in attracting a significant group of learners from across the globe especially for MBA. Comprehensive study material is available online and is also delivered through post to more than one million students every year. Pursuing your MBA from IGNOU can indeed be a good educational investment more because of the flexibility it offers in terms of time as well as place.

IGNOU MBA offers all the basic types of MBA programs which include two-year (full time) MBA, part – time MBA, IGNOU Distance Courses distance learning according to the students choice, they can opt for any of them but the common requirement for these programs is to get through the entrance exam before enrolling into the IGNOU MBA. If the student intends to purse MBA in universities other than IGNOU, they have to for the base admission criteria of attending the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Either of these will be acceptable by the universities based on the scores obtained in these examinations. Few universities do not base much on these exams rather wish to come up with their own examinations for which the student has to keep an eye on.

The ultimate reward for aspiring candidates is to be able to grow and learn quality enhancing study with support from IGNOU.

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) wide its letter F No. AICTE/Academic/MOU-DEC/2005 dt. May 13, 2005 has specified that the Master of Computer Applications (MCA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) are recognized by AICTE.

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