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Could Not Make It To IIMs, What Next?

Many aspiring MBA students are of the opinion that scoring well in the admission test like CAT will help them gain admission to the top B-Schools in India. But, the point they should remember is that getting admission to these top schools in India like the Indian Institute of Management is not just about scoring well in CAT. The reason is that IIMs pay attention to prior educational performance and relevant work experience of the applicants.

The toughest of all Indian Institutes of Management:

Reports states that IIM-A or Ahmedabad branch of this institute is stated to have the toughest admission process to crack. When taking the records of the year 2013, a survey disclosed that the institute admitted only 0.25 per cent of the applications for the class 2012-2014, which is very much lower when compared to the 13% mark of Harvard University’s acceptance rate and 7% acceptance rate of Standford University. The survey further claimed that the Indian MBA candidates are amongst the finest educational achievers from across the globe, which gives accolades to the tough admission process followed by Indian Institutes of Management.

Reasons for low acceptance in IIM-A:

The reason for low acceptance rate in IIM-A is the heavy competition. To stand out among the crowd of applicants, it becomes important that an applicant should have terrific educational records added with outstanding professional profile. So, if you have scored well in CAT, but could not make it to these prestigious institutions in the nation, you might be worried about the reasons for the same. Remember that with more than 2 lakh applicants vying for the best B-Schools in the nation, it can be highly difficult to find admission in such a top B-School. But, you should never lose hope. With dedication, focus and hard work, you can make it the next academic session.

Is it possible to get into an IIM, despite poor educational records?

So, your question is how to improve the chances of getting into these B-Schools, besides poor educational records and the answer to your question lies in the following 4 points:

CAT Score:

As you know, a good CAT Score is important and work out the best strategy and it is not just about hard work, but it is all about smart thinking and making quick attempts to score well in this test.

Performance in GD and PI:

Regardless of the academic records they have, it is important that students will have to strike the right cord during these sessions and preparation is the key. So, even if you have poor educational records, you can get back into competition with good CAT score and good performance in these sessions.

Work Experience:

You can turn the tables to your favor with good work experience. When you have the experience of working in an innovative position or firm, you will be in a better position. Letters of recommendation and work related award and achievements can further add value. These things will add credibility to your candidature.

The fourth point of importance is your participation in extra-curricular activities.

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