Emotional Intelligence and Leadership skills in Management

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership skills in Management

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand and manage both your own emotions, and also the people around you. People are with a high degree of emotional intelligence usually know what they're feeling, what does it means, and how their emotions can affect other people.


The core of Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness. Self-awareness have three competencies:

             Emotional self-awareness, where you are able to read and understand your emotions as well as recognize their impact on work performance and relationships;

             Accurate self-assessment, where you are able to give a realistic evaluation of your strengths and limitations;

             Self-confidence, where you have a positive and strong sense of one’s self-worth.

             The starting point  in these areas is the ability to be critically self-reflective.

Self –Management:   Self-management is comprised of five competencies;

             Self-control, which is keeping disruptive emotions and impulses under control;

             Transparency, which is maintaining standards of integrity and honesty, managing yourself and responsibilities;

             Adaptability, which is the flexibility in adapting to changing situations and overcoming obstacles;

             Achievement orientation, which is the guiding drive to meet an internal standard of excellence;

             Initiative, which is the readiness to seize opportunities and act.

Social Awareness:  Social Awareness is comprised of three competencies;

             Empathy - which is understanding others and taking an active interest in their concerns;

             Organizational awareness - which is the ability to read the currents of build decision networks, organizational life and navigate politics;

             Service orientation - which is recognising and meeting customer’s needs.

Relationship Management -The Social cluster of Relationship Management is comprised of seven competencies;

             Visionary leadership, which is inspiring and guiding groups and individuals;

             Developing others, which is the propensity to strengthen and support the abilities of others through feedback and guidance;

             Influence, which is the ability to exercise a wide range of persuasive strategies which includes listening and sending clear with integrity and also  convincing and well-tuned messages;

             Change catalyst, which is the proficiency in initiating new ideas and leading people in a new direction;

             Conflict management, which is resolving disagreements and collaboratively developing resolutions; building bonds, that's build and maintaining relationships with others;

             Collaboration and Teamwork, which is the promotion of cooperation and building of teams.


Leaders help themselves and others to do the things right. They set direction for others, build an inspiring vision, and creating something new. Leadership is what, its about mapping out where you need to go to "win" as a team or an organization. Leadership is vibrant, inspiring and  dynamic, .

When leaders set the direction, they must also use management skills to guide their team to the right destination in a smooth and efficient way.

Styles of leaders

             Authoritarian / Autocratic

             Participative / Democratic

             Delegative / Free reign

A good leader uses all three styles as above, depending on what forces are involved between the followers, the leader, and the situation


Transformational leadership

             Create a sense of duty within an organization

             Encourages new ways of handling the problems

             Promotes learning for all organizational members

             Raise awareness among followers for organizational issues and their consequences - understand an high priority issues

             Create vision, build commitment to that vision


             Listening closely

             Gives emotional support

             Shows by examples what constitutes appropriate behavior


             Teach followers that how to think on their own and act constructively and productively

             Encourage to eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs of the company and coworkers and replace them with more positive and  constructive beliefs

             Building self confidence of followers

             Objective of SL is to develop followers who require very little leadership –organizations whose structure are flatter


             Good listeners

             Persuasive – does not use authority

             Aware of their surroundings – and help followers  handle such barriers

             Empathetic


             Based on the attitude as well as aptitude that the leader is self employed

             Approach to each mistake as if it were a significant error rather than a small error

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