IIIMs and Summer Placements

Among all the IIMs, Indian Institute of Management, tiruchirappalli and Indian Institute of Management Ranchi has completed the process for providing the summer placements to the students. While the other IIMs are still under the process of providing these summer placements.

 Below mentioned are the details for the IIM Ranchi for this summer 2013-2014

The reports for the summer placements provided by IIM Ranchi are

1. Number of offers provided and the companies that are participating in it.

More than 65 companies gave the job offers to the 154 graduates. More number of companies that visit the campus has significantly increased by 50% from last year with the 34 companies hiring for the first time.

 2. The salary offers: The highest salary paid here is INR 1.70 lakh while the average salary is INR 52,000.

IIM-R: Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi is the only IIM to offer the full time two years Post graduation degree in Human resources Management. For the first batch students a total of 47 offers were given.IBM has setup the Business Analytical lab in the IIM-R.

No. of participating companies


Batch size


No. of students participating


Average stipend

INR 52,000

Highest stipend

INR 1,70,000



PwC, Hewlett Packard, IBM, KPMG, Index Advisory, DataWisem IL&FS

No data available

Operations/ General Management

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, RPG, JSPL, Hero MotoCorp, Maruti, Blue Star, TCIL, Godfrey Philips, Royal orchis Hotels, Jharcraft

Roles were offered in Manufacturing Operations, Packaging, Strategic Sourcing, Cargo Consolidation, Distribution & Supply Chain Management

Human Resource

Michael Page, RPG, Beckton Dickinson, UB Spirits, Heidrick and Struggles, ABC Consultants, HT Media, Mizuho Securities, Maruti, Godfrey Philips, Escorts, WWF, Berger Paints, IL&FS, Globe Capital, Stanton Chase

Roles were offered in HR Consulting, Leadership Consulting, Strategic Staffing, Organizational Restructuring, Talent Management, Industrial Relations, and PMS

IIM Tiruchirappalli

The IIM Tiruchirappalli finally has announced its summer placements for this year with 39 recruiters are offering internships to the 92 students. Nearly 20 companies had participated for the first time.

The highest stipend offered on the campus was INR 1 lakh and the average offered was INR 41,000.

The roles that are offered to the students are based on the domains like Private equity, corporate banking, sales and advertising, supply chain management, General Management, Public policy consulting and financial advertising.

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