Is Work Experience Important To Get Admission To A Top B-School?
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Is Work Experience Important To Get Admission To A Top B-School?

Top B-schools generally look for candidates with different professional, personal and cultural backgrounds. Candidates with work experience will have better edge as against those without experience in the case of candidates applying for top B-Schools. In most of the cases, work experience will provide the opportunity for candidates to work in group and they will get the chance to show their team work and people management skills.

Factors to know:

The crucial factor to have prior work experience is that your candidature can bring the required diversity in the collective work experience in the class and selectors generally show interest towards admitting such applicants. As mentioned earlier, if you have work experience, you can surely gain better edge over other applicants. Most importantly, if you have work experience, you should know how to project the same.

What should fresh graduates remember?

The important point to be remembered by candidates, who rush to MBA admission immediately after their graduation, is to think how this admission is going to help them in the long run as against those applicants with work experience. This is because candidates coming under the latter category will surely have a better edge when they complete MBA along with those without any experience. Fresh graduates should find out the reasons as to why selectors should prefer them as against candidates with experience. If you are a fresh graduate and finds that you have exceptional extracurricular records like sports records, community service or leadership experience, you can try for applying immediately after your degree. Otherwise, it is better to look for a job to gain experience before applying for MBA.

Stringent in B-schools abroad:

Generally, B-schools abroad, particularly those in UK admit only candidates with work experience. They require that candidates must have at least 3 years full-time experience. Even though, this is not compulsory in countries like US, if competition demands, those with work experience will be given preference as against inexperienced candidates. Of course, if a candidate has some exceptional personal achievements, they can gain competitive edge.

What do B-Schools expect?

Generally, the challenge for any B-School is to take the best talents with graduation from reputed universities with a view to maintain the exulted status. This is why many B-schools spend a lot of resources for tracking down and for admission of the most appropriately talented individuals. This will ensure higher success rate and premium prestige for the institute and its graduates in the world’s top companies. In addition, this will also provide the opportunity for B-Schools to charge better fee.


To conclude, more than your certificate, your personal qualities and the work experience you have will project you as the best candidates for being admitted to an elite B-School. Particularly, during the MBA admission process, if case studies are involved, you will be required to bring in your experience to the table and you will be expected to pass on your knowledge about the specific industry to your peers. So, try to gain experience before applying to an MBA program to gain better edge.

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