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MBA After Engineering - Is It The Right Choice?

Doing MBA course after engineering is turning out to be a trend among engineers these days and an analysis of the CAT Exam data states that most of the toppers are engineers from IITs. Many engineering graduates these days get a doubt whether doing an MBA is highly important for them? Even though, completion of MBA after engineering is not highly essential, the increasing IITians taking up CAT exam is a decision taken following the crowd of applicants. Even though, it is true that career opportunities for engineers taking up MBA is brighter and lucrative, decision of changing line for better career opportunities purely depends on the personal decisions of engineering graduates.

What categories of engineers are likely to do MBA?

Generally, engineers coming under the following categories are more likely to take up an MBA:

  • Graduates with computer engineering or information technology engineering
  • Electrical and mechanical graduates and
  • Engineers working in specific business roles

Reasons why engineers are opting for MBA:

  • People working in IT sector, generally take up MBA after gaining two or three years of experience because the annual appraisals happening in the company make them worry about their future growth and development.
  • Many graduate engineers feel that an MBA will help them gain notification among the crowd of applicants applying for a job with just an engineering degree alone.
  • With the heavy competition, most of the IT professionals feel themselves to be getting lost in the crowd and so with a view to appraise themselves and get notified in the organization, they go for MBA after serving for 5 years or so.

With these reasons stated by engineering graduates for opting for the Master of Business Administration programme, what are the benefits they can gain on completion of this Master’s degree is the biggest question to find answer to. Here are the benefits they can get:

Benefits of MBA after engineering:

Better business exposure: With the technical knowledge they have gained through their engineering course, some candidates hope to gain some business knowledge and exposure. This knowledge can be provided only by a business management course. Furthermore, this move improves the career prospects of engineering graduates to a great extent.

Brand development: Many candidates doing MBA after engineering are of the opinion that the PG business management programme, helps them a great extent in achieving a brand for themselves, which is highly important in the competitive job market. The course also helps them in improving soft skills, leadership skills and team building and communication abilities as well. Also, this course provides them the opportunity to build a strong social network, which will be of great help for them in the future.

Complete knowledge: After gaining technical education from the engineering course, the business management course will make the graduates complete professionals by providing them with knowledge on different areas like organizational behavior, marketing, management strategy, etc.

To conclude, nowadays, corporate organizations are looking for individuals, who are multi-talented to work for them. This means that they look for candidates, who can handle both technical and organizational activities and this is where, an MBA after engineering can be highly helpful for them.

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