"Stress Management" is an integral part of Management Studies of MBA (HRM)—Part—7
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"Stress Management" is an integral part of Management Studies of MBA (HRM)—Part—7

continued from Part--6

Solve Problems related to Stress

The company can follow different strategies to solve the stress related problems. One of them is review the work plan. In this area of strategy the focus is laid on knowledge, capabilities, the applications that are to be done considering the control and support of the employee. Modify the work environments and demands allocating the work load in different and easier way. The can also ensure itself that it work force are supplied with required knowledge and capacities to fulfill their work functionalities.

The company would ensure itself in these aspects by selecting and training the employees in accordance with skills and capacities and reviewing their progress regularly. The company also will have an enhanced work control by the employees on their work pattern by allowing them flexibility and also sharing the work aspects with other employees and to motivate them to develop consultations with others on the professional practices. Enhancing the quality of support to the employees by providing them apt training and giving space for the interactions between the employees thereby encouraging them towards a team work and achieve a good level of cooperation among themselves.

Training in Stress Management:-

The company can train their employees to encounter the stress and manage it efficiently keeping themselves and organizations in a upright condition. The company can enable the work force to take forces in the management and train themselves under different programs to know how to relax and also attend to certain courses to and exercises of self-affirmation.

Ergonomics and Environmental Design:-

The companies should improve the working situations where physical force is applied and also the company should see that the equipment applied at work should be in good condition.

Improved Management:-

The attitude of the leader must be mentored and improved. The leader or the higher management cared up of XYZ should be provided with thorough knowledge and understanding of the stress management and their ability should also be enhanced to tackle the stress problem in a most effective way.

Corporate Culture and stress

This is one of the main factors through which the ability of the employers and their ways of managing the work stress is determined (Nyosh, 2016). The staff attitudes towards the company, belief, common values, perceptions and work behavior all reflect the corporate culture. The way in which issues are identified and involved would be influenced by the corporate culture. The corporate culture also can affect through its processes the perceived stress, its impact on the human health and how the problem is reported and the reaction of the company towards this problems (Scott, 2006). The employers, union representatives and managers should be aware of the corporate culture. They must also together analyze the consequences while managing the occupational stress. To improve the management of work stress the managers, employers and union representatives must also strive to change the culture as per the requirement (Gurdenmund, 2000).


Continued to Part--8

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Hi, I want to know the type of questions asked in CAT Written test, also tell me is there any good MBA college in Ramanathapuram
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There are three type of questions in CAT exam i.e. quantitative aptitude, data interpretation and verbal and reading comprehension, there are various MBA colleges in Ramanathapuram- Mohamed Sathak Engineering College ; Mohammed Sathak Engineering College
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