"Stress Management" is an integrated part of Management Studies, a MBA (HRM) student has to be aware of—Part—2
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"Stress Management" is an integrated part of Management Studies, a MBA (HRM) student has to be aware of—Part—2

Continued from Part--1


A stress which is unpleasant can create negativity and put a negative impact on an individual which most commonly is known as distressed.


The stress specially when talked in terms of manufacturing or production will affect the productivity of the work force which results in less output to the company. In organizations like XYZ where a large number of workforce is present and the company gives priority to the quality in the work and work life of the employees one will have to essentially and closely keep on observing the absenteeism levels. If the absenteeism percentage is very high it should definitely be co-related with the stress. This is very essential for the company at its productivity and output levels and for the employees it would be very essential to keep an eye on the stress levels as it would create inefficiency and non-productivity. This would be an unpleasant situation for both the organization and the employee as well. A survey that was made in (2016) by Jaffe, Smith and Segal confirms the above statement according to the survey. The work related stress, anxiety and depression have caused a loss of 13.5 million working days which are self-reported in UK in the labour force survey. This establishes the fact that it is very important on part of the manager to directly deal with the welfare of the employees to ensure a continuous workflow where there would be no sick leave levels high on the chart.

Thus, any organization irrespective of its size can be effected by the stress factor. Big players like XYZ with good values towards quality and production embedded within good ethics must essentially find out a way and do what all they can from the management side to prevent the stress conditions and see that the high amount of absenteeism would not become an issue because the higher the stress more the absenteeism that would cause low work morale in the employees which in turn would affect the their productivity that in turn would affect the desired outcome. The stress factor can be found in many issues and aspects which can develop through many different kinds of sources. The levels of impact of the stress would depend on the personal characteristics and psychology of a person. Every organization uses their respective stress management methods as per their convenience. However, there is less evident research done on stress management in retail supermarket store chains like XYZ. Thus there is a need to critically review the stress factor related to such company and how they manage stress among their employees.

Aim of the study:-

XYZ is a project of Wall-Mart group mainly in United States. Their stores are operating services in the UK as well. This organization has a well-structured hierarchy and organized product and service oriented phenomenon. The company has hundreds of employees in each store working in day and night shifts. Due to regular customer flow, each employee has to work non-stop with no time to take a single minute rest. Thus the study has come up with an aim to evaluate the stress in XYZ and how it is being managed by the company. The study will also review various working conditions in XYZ, which may cause stress in the company. Recommendations will also be made based on findings.


Continued to Part--3

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hii, good to know that you are from Palakkad, Yes, Admission to B. Ed in IGNOU is made through B. Ed Entrance Test, which is generally conducted during the month of October/September each year.
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