"Stress Management" is an integrated part of Management Studies a MBA (HRM) student must go through—Part—1
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"Stress Management" is an integrated part of Management Studies a MBA (HRM) student must go through—Part—1

An in-depth study on stress management has been discussed here on an internationally recognized retail chain with a proxy name “XYZ”. Since the case study reveals about many facets of practical scenario, the students will be in a position to know about the subject in a convincing way.

What is stress at work?

From past several years stress has become an inseparable component in everybody’s life, but it is seen to have a large impact on the people who are working in super markets as XYZ where you see there is a continuous flow of customers. But on the other side of the coin you also see some researches which do not accept this statement.

How can we describe stress at work?

Elements which are involved in stress and what are its positives and negatives. If incase stress is present, how the environment conditions will have an effect on it? So the below research would help us to answers some questions related to stress related problems at XYZ. The main purpose of the review is to evaluate the factors which contribute to stress and managing it at XYZ. Research is conducted to analyze the conditions at work which may lead to stress and managing it.

The research process which is chosen here is the mixed approach which includes quantitative and qualitative methods. Surveys, distributing the questionnaire to the employees, conducting interviews are being selected as s design path for primary data collection. In the research 60 employees from XYZ and 10 people from managerial position have been choose and it is carried out at 3 stores of XYZ at different locations.

After the data is analyzed it is clearly seen that employees are stressed out at XYZ and the stress management programs which are carried out in the company are not efficient and are not at all considerable from the employees view. Apart from the employees even the members also have rated the management of stress low at XYZ. It is clearly evident that XYZ has to take further necessary steps in developing the stress management programs so that the employees are mental and physical conditions are fir enough thereby keeping the productivity intact.

The main aim of this chapter is to help the reader in understanding the research background and also to highlight the objectives and the aim of the research. It also helps us to understand the scope, the importance of the research and the rationale as to why the research is carried out. In the last part of the chapter focused on the dissertation.

According to Naturale(2016) stress is a condition to which any individual is exposed to or confronts when an opportunity arises, the constraints and the work that has to be done in relevance to the demand. The stress condition can also be stated as a dynamic condition as the perceived outcome and the desired outcome which would be both important and uncertain at the same time. The stress however has been observed by the researchers and they are also aware that the stress condition or stress in itself may either stimulate pressure or creates a strain that would be detrimental.


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