"Stress Management" is an integrated part of Management Studies, any student of MBA (HRM) has to learn it—Part—9
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"Stress Management" is an integrated part of Management Studies, any student of MBA (HRM) has to learn it—Part—9

Continued from Part--8

Those in the profession of television, journalism and sales always remain under time pressure and thus benefit from mild amount of stress. The professions like medicine, policing, law, teaching etc. are not accustomed to mild stress level. According to (Luthans, 2002: 412; Forshaw, 2002: 75; Dorresteijn, Kleber& Van der Ploeg 2003) these groups often become the victims of being burnt out.

Occupational health and its related psychology

Health psychology is one of the subject matters of stress. It is vividly known that the health psychology is one among the recent areas of study under psychology that is attached with human illness and health related issues (Forshaw, 2002: 1). Tetrick and Quick inform that according  to World Health Organization ( WHO ) 1946) health should never be seen as the absence of any disease (Quick &Tetrick, 2002). It is rather complete social, mental, physical well-being. After 4 decades i.e. in the year 1986 WHO added a new concept that says health should be viewed as resources, attached with everyday life, it cannot be taken as the object of living.

According to Nutbeam in Quick &Tetrick, (2002) health should be considered as a positive concept that includes personal, social resources and also physical capabilities. Health psychology has been loosely defined by Forshaw (2002) as the study of behaviors, feelings and thoughts stem from the interactions with or with the mental efficiency or cause or physical efficacy, well-being, comfort, efficiency etc. Health psychology occupationally involves health psychology, public health and occupational settings (Quick et al, 1997).

According to Tetrick and Quick, the aim of the Occupational health psychology is to not only develop but also to promote as well maintain the health of the employees in a direct way along with their families (Tetrick & Quick 2002) By involving preventive & therapeutic interventions the goal is achieved and healthy working environment with safety is created. With a view to appreciating the challenges as faced by health psychology the most daunting causes and the nature of stress as occur in the workplaces will be cross checked.

The nature of stress

It is a common belief that stress is a negative event that leads to negative consequences. The stresses that are negative are known as distress. Known as “eustress”, a positive form of distress also exists there. This is originally a Greek word that represents ‘eu’, meaning good (Birkenbihl, 1989). Griffin & Moorhead (1989: 195) define “eu stress” as getting married, which is followed by gaining recognition and in consequence of it gaining promotion.


Latin word stringere means stress or drawing tight. This perception was used in the seventh century for describing affliction or hardship (Cartwright & Cooper, 1997: 3). There are large numbers of definitions about job stress and stress. Stress is a person’s adaptive response, (Moorhead and Griffin 1989), to a stimulus that demands tremendous physical or psychological demands from the person concerned. Stress is defined by Luthans (2002: 396) as the external situation related adaptive response which brings about behavioral, psychological, physical deviations for the participants of the organization. As per the both definitions, different ways are adapted by the individuals for responding when they are subjected to some type of stressors.

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There are three type of questions in CAT exam i.e. quantitative aptitude, data interpretation and verbal and reading comprehension, there are various MBA colleges in Nizamabad- Vijay Rural Engineering College, ; Kshatriya College Of Engg.
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