"Stress Management", the chapter is an integrated part of Management Studies a MBA (HRM)—Part—4
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"Stress Management", the chapter is an integrated part of Management Studies a MBA (HRM)—Part—4

continued from Part--3


The chapter helps us to define stress at the place of work and how it is managed by keeping the literature review in consideration. The other elements which are discussed are, assessing the value of stress management at work place, and their symptoms, factors involving risk, different aspects of interventions relating stress management are also explained.

Stress at work

According to Steve, (2016) stress is resulted as a reaction of an employee when certain demands, pressures and professional aspects have to be faced at the work place which does not match their knowledge levels there by posing a challenge and threat to the capabilities of the employee which in turn would create a struggle for existence in terms of being employed in a place.

According to Jaffe, Smith and Segal, (2016) different professional context also create stress conditions to the employees at the work place. When the employee feels that he / she is not being supported by their managers / leaders or colleagues when they don’t have control over the work they do or the lack in the knowledge of competing a task that would match the requirement that would meet the requirements of the given task and the constraints that they will have to face in the in doing so.

There is a subtle difference between stress, pressure and challenge which are always misunderstood for one and other and keep the people in confusion. This confusion will surface when the people try to take the excuses for following the bad management practices. In the current context work pressure is something which is inevitable and likes to happen everywhere. As stated earlier and the pressure or stress is of positive nature the perceived pressure at the acceptable levels by an individual can attribute to motivation, dynamism, capacity of working and learning of a person depending on one’s personal characteristics and the available resources (Coyle, 2005). When the stress is of a negative nature and it crosses the limits and levels and exceeds the manageable parameters it would create a negative impact on the employee’s physical and mental health both. This in turn will affect the performance of the organization.

According to Meclure, (2000) a stress condition would happen when the demands and pressures at the work place does not match with that of the employees skills and also the given data. According to the opinion of Coyle, (2005) when the work pressure exceeds the knowledge, capabilities and abilities of the employee would definitely pose a problem. To say that a work place is a health work place it needs to have a process or approach towards the stress by which an employee is put to certain amount of pressure in accordance with his / her resources and capacities with sufficient work knowledge and also in such a condition that the employee receives enough support from his peers and seniors.

Causes of Stress at Work:-

According to Lawrence, (1993) the stress can be caused at the work place when the work is organized in a ‘Pell Mell’way i.e. the way in which the operating systems and tasks are designed and managed at the work place. According to Ilo, (2016) stress can also be caused because of the unfulfilled requirements, unmanageable or excessive pressure with less organized and managed work design and also because of working conditions which does not give satisfaction to the employees.



Continued to Part--5

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