Selecting the city based on certain factors for Higher Education

Selecting the city based on certain factors for Higher Education

Once the student has scored well in the MBA exam. After that the time comes that student has to choose the MBA college. Are there any preferences, is there any aspect to consider before finalizing a college?

Before working on certain factors for choosing the college the students take the city or the location as the preference and most of them study their postgraduate degree in management education. As many as 36% students surveyed stated that they will choose a city first before picking the college to pursue their studies.

Students need to be very clear about the reasons of selecting a particular city or location. Keep in mind that there are five factors a student should consider while selecting the right city for MBA.

1. Industrial or Commercial belt

Wouldn’t it be great if we would have the options to choose from the best companies for industrial training during the MBA studies? How easy would it be if you could drive from the campus to the dream internship firm?

These facts matter a lot when you to start the industrial training. It becomes difficult for one to commute daily from the campus to the company. And if you have no good option in the city either you have to compromise with the stipend and the brand or go to other cities. One can also save yourself from the kind of problem by choosing right city at the start. Go for city in the industrial belt and or one with constant commercial development.

Presence of big companies in the city is the third most important criteria for choosing a city as one would expect management graduates to be much more focused about employment potential than the prospect of having a fun campus life.

2. Accessibility and Location

The location of the campus will merely affect the studies. It would be very difficult if the campus is far from the place and there is no direct transportation to reach there?

It would be a long journey if one has to change the transportation i.e. bus or auto!! Half of the time will be waster in travelling from your place to college. Study time is automatically minimized. Choose a campus so that you can reach it comfortably. This has to be experienced before your final yes to the college.

Look for a city where you can drive easily or walk to your campus.

Taking up extra classes or studying in library becomes difficult for you, as it might get dark when you leave for home. Also, if your college is situated at isolation, then also it is a problem. No entertainment, no place for outing and no restaurant food. It’s better if you look for a city first and then go for a college. Realizing these things after entering into college might be too late for you.

2. Metro Cities

MBA is a programme which requires lots of networking projects to work upon, places to travel etc. The ideal place for such a proogramme is developed or metro city. It becomes easier to commute between the places. Resources are also available easily. With all the facilities around you it becomes easy to walk on the path of success and focus on the course.

Around 66% of the students residing in Non-metro look to migrate to a metro for better education and higher education in India.

4. Sustainability

If the students are pure vegetarian then he needs a vegetarian food, but what if he resides in a place where there is no vegetarian food?

This can be very difficult and scary. Choosing a college in another city or country without proper research of the place and prove dreadful. Choose a place where you can stay comfortably.

It is very important for you to remain unaffected by external factors so that you can concentrate on the studies. A proper accommodation, hygiene place, the favorite food and nice people around you are important factors to consider before you choose the college.

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# Harikiran Older than three months
Hello. I am from Burdwan, plz tell me What are the points to consider for selecting a B. Ed college?
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# Pallavi Older than three months
You should consider the fee structure and if you consider doing this course from other place except Burdwan, you should consider hostel facilities, you shouldalso consider whether the subject in which you wish to continue this course is available in the college.
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# Tushar Older than three months
Hello, I have done B.Sc Honors in Mathematice, am I eligible for MBA, if yes plz suggest MBA colleges in Ongole
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# Jagan Older than three months
Yes, you are eligible for MBA, any graduate can do MBA if one have maths in 12th, find the list of MBA colleges in Ongole here- MBA in Ongole
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