Students of MBA (HRM) must know about different developmental factors, final Part
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Students of MBA (HRM) must know about different developmental factors, final Part

Continued from Part--3


With a view to updating the plan of personal & further development, a leader must have broad range of skills and qualities, so that he can ensure the success in his/her career. The personal development depends on the current role & situation and assists one in prioritising the vital areas that requires much attention. Hence, these all help in directing the right path towards training and future development.

The researcher has also been in a position to recognise the areas, in need of up-gradation & development, so that he can lead and manage the team in an effective way in future, along with his present competencies and skills having been gained through the activities of personal development. To embolden the view, certain areas have been enumerated below.



With a view to developing the innovative concepts and ideas, the researcher needed to go through the submissions of eminent scholars and management experts, so that he could understand the tactics and strategies, as are used in business. By this way, he was helped in gaining organizational competitive advantages.


Facilitating Change-

The present business environment is dynamic where fundamental requirement is change for any organization or individual for not only staying competitive in the market, but also surviving successfully. The success and the growth of an individual may be hampered by the people who resist change or by those who follow traditional practices. Hence it is important to remain flexible and also accept changes. The researcher felt the need of being flexible in his style of work and learn newer ways of working experience, which is in line with (Whettenand Cameron, 2016).

In addition to the above, patience is required to maintain calm & compose, while in saddle. It is the experience of the researcher that if a leader does not have patience, he may be the victim of frustration which in turn will affect the working. With this, negative impressions towards many will be created; hence overcoming these weaknesses are very much required.


If the knowledge and skills are improved through personality development, desired success & growth can be achieved. Having discussed all the above, it is concluded that the culture, values and purpose of an organization can impact on the roles of management and leadership. Hence an individual must see that he/she grows both professionally and personally. Augmenting new understanding is very much needed, so that it can be engaged in the self-development related different practices and activities. On the other side, weakness should be transformed into strength. The plan for personality development has helped the researcher in acquiring the vital skills & knowledge of the management field by the means of continuous reflections and reviews from the recordings of the individual achievements and the feedbacks of activities. The researcher also views that many tactics & strategies that have connections with future developments and also have been employed by academicians and management scholars for the management of diverse workforce and also for leading them effectively have been learned by him while pursuing this research study.

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# Aarav 2017-03-10
Hii, I am from Raichur let me know, What is the need of NEET Phase II?
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# Jagan 2017-03-11
If a phase I test taker of Raichur oe other places is not satisfied his/her performance in the test or if a candidate has missed out to apply for NEET, he/she can apply for phase 2 exam, It is a second chance provided to aspiring candidates.
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# Nishith 2017-03-02
Hii, I am from Achalpur, plz tell me What is the difference between NEET and AIPMT for MBBS Admission?
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# Pallavi 2017-03-03
Both NEET and AIPMT are conducted for admission to MBBS and BDS Courses, NEET is national level test, while AIPMT is conducted by CBSE for admission to these courses in government medical and dental colleges of all places including Achalpur
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# Vaibhav 2017-01-14
Hello sir, I am 3rd year student, I want to pursue MBA from Alwar,Please suggest top B-School over there.
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# Mukesh 2017-01-15
Hello, after, MBA will be the right career option, you can find here the list of good B-Schools in Alwar- MBA in Alwar
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# Priyansh 2017-01-06
Hii, I am from Kaimur, plz tell me Do all the IIMs provide a degree or Diploma?
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# Pallavi 2017-01-07
Hello, good to see that you are from Kaimur, The IIMs provide a diploma certificate at the completion of the course.
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