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Studying MBA in top and Best Countries

MBA degree is a program which is opted by most of the Professionals who wants to make succeed in the corporate world. Most of the students have a dream of studying MBA in abroad. Pursuing MBA abroad will the student a lot of practical knowledge, good work offers and also options for permanent resident ships in countries like Canada, New Zealand and Australia.UK is the country which would be giving you one year open work permit to 1000 MBA graduates after the successful completion of the course. Below mentioned are the names of top 5 countries for Pursuing MBA, based on your conveniences and other factors you can opt for doing MBA.

1. Canada and top b-schools in Canada
World's most important  education nation, Canada is the world's largest and best company and is also the destination for both domestic and international students when it comes to pursuing MBA degree.
Canada is one of the best and preferred destinations for most of the international students to pursue MBA. Canada provides the best quality education in terms of business.  It has major industries like Oil and gas, mining, Manufacturing, agriculture and forestry. Hence Canada is therefore land of opportunities. When it comes to Indian students, the most popular Management programs opted by Indian students are MBA program and executive MBA.It the candidate wants to go  for Executive MBA then work experience counts a lot. Because universities prefer students with good work experience.

Top B-schools in Canada
1. University of Toronto: Rotman’s school
2. University of New Brunswick.
3. York University Schulich's Business school
4. University of British Columbia’s suader Business school
5. University of Alberta's business school
6. Richard lvey school of business at the University of Western Ontario
7. Mcgill University Desautels school
8. Queen’s school of business, Queen’s university, Kinston, Ontario, Canada.

2. Singapore and its business schools
Singapore has the best educational institutes in the Asia-Pacific regions. It is one of the most economical country if you opt for pursuing education abroad. The total expenditure for fees and the living cost in most of the educational institutes in Singapore ranges between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 15 Lakh. Students have the permissions to work for 16 hrs. a week while they are pursuing Studies in order to overcome the financial crisis. Singapore is considered as the Asia -regional headquarters for most of the global organizations and also a hub for having major International companies, here students get of job offers and is also considered as the best business environments in Asia.

The top B-schools in Singapore
1. JE Educational College
2. NUS Business School
3. INSEAD Singapore
4. NAYANG Business school
5. University of Liverpool
3. Spain and the best business schools
There are various top universities which has gained a lot of name in Spain. Apart from the education it provides most of the movie shooting also takes place in the Spain. There are various top rated International MBA programs that are located in Spain's capital, Madrid and the Catalan city of Barcelona. The country has nearly 40 million people and management education has lot of demand from past three years. Spain has the largest and best business schools that most of the countries do not have.
Top b-schools in Spain
1. IE university Madrid
2. ESADE University Barcelona
3. IESE University Barcelona

4. United states of America
America is one of the best Business school destinations with the highest number of topmost MBA Schools in the world.
While pursuing MBA course from the top universities or top b-schools of USA the advantage is that students here also get the strong infrastructural support, internships and also exposure to the latest content and the technology apart from the practical training through projects. Exposure to the real world business environment during the internships in top companies helps the students to get into entrepreneurs and business executives.
You have to prepare the best to USA as the best MBA destination. Quality work experience and excellent academic record in must. It is important and compulsory to clear GMAT Entrance exam and English proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS with an overall band score of 6.5 with individual module score of 6.0 in each and to brighten the chances of studying MBA in USA.
Top B-Schools in USA
1. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
2. Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
3. Harvard Business School
4. Stanford Graduate school of business
5. Kellogg school of Management, Northwestern University.

5. Australia and top B-schools
Most of the international students get the degrees from the Australian universities and these universities are recognized all over the world. The Australian Immigration system allows the students visiting the country on a Student VISA and also allows the students to work 20 hrs. per week during the term and students can also work during the vacations.
MBA universities in Australia offer specialized research training and professional development, but it is necessary for the applicants to clear test like GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL. The cut off scores would be 550+ for GMAT, for IELTS 6.5 overall with not less than 6.0 in any and TOEFL should be above 90.
Admissions happen in Australia twice a year. One intake takes place in June/July and the other in February. Indian Students take admissions in the month of June/July for Australia. While in other countries the Admissions takes place in September and January and most of the Indian students
Opt for September Intakes.
Top b-schools in Australia
1. Faculty of Business-Queensland University of technology
2. Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University
3. Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
4. Macquarie Graduate school of Management (MGSM), Macquarie University
5. Sydney Business school (SBS), University of Wollongong
6. Australian graduate school of Management (AGSM), University of New South Wales.
7. Curtin Business school.

6. United Kingdom
Blessed is the United Kingdom with top universities and excellent job offers, the Unites Kingdom has consistently been named the one of the best popular MBA study Destination in Europe. London is one of the best world's leading finance and banking centers and the other regions of UK have excellent offers in the service industry.UK universities pay high salaries and good job offers after graduating .UK's business schools teach more MBA's rather than the whole of rest of the Europeans per the British council research documents.
An MBA degree in United Kingdom is beneficial for students in more than one way, as the new rules allow students to stay back for one year or they can get a graduate level job for a salary of 20,000GBP per year and apply for Tier 2 visa to stay back for three years.
Top B-schools in UK
1. Cranfield School of Management.
2. Imperial college of London
3. University of Edinburgh Management school.
4. Manchestor Business School-The University of Manchester.
5. London Business school
6. London School of Economics and political science
7. University of Warwick-Warwick business school
8. University of Oxford-said Business school
9. University of Cambridge-Judge Business school
10. University of Strathclye-Strathclyde Business school
Last but not the least IELTS score is very important as most of the countries require minimum
6.5 band and for each component minimum band of 6.0.TOEFL and GMAT cut off marks vary from university to university and GMAT is not a must everywhere but optional.

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