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Things To Avoid During Campus Interview At IIMs

Congratulations on your successful completion of the first year MBA course in one of the prestigious institutions in the country. Now, you are in your second year and almost six months are over and your institution has announced about the campus interview.

You and your peers will be highly excited about the campus placement opportunity that you can get. Of course, it is an exciting situation, but it is also a situation, where you should be careful about. The reason is that being an IIM student, organizations visiting your campus for campus recruitment will expect more as compared to their expectation from the student of a normal institution. Remember that your skill and knowledge will be the primary consideration for the interviewer, so you must begin to measure your conceptual knowledge and your confidence level as well. There are certain things that you should avoid during the interview and here are the details in this regard:

1. Being unprepared:

Preparation is the key for any success in life and you might have already experienced this scenario as your preparation alone would have helped you to get admission to the top IIM. You should be in the same mindset for the interview as well. Just search for the frequently asked interview questions and understand how to give the best answer for those questions and of course, check your technical knowhow as well.

2. Dressing unprofessionally:

This is another aspect to avoid. As you know, first impression is the best impression’. So, remember to dress in a professional manner for the interview session. Here, it does not mean that you should look stylish, but you should look fresh, neat and simple.

3. Using too much ‘I’:

Generally, interviewers look for team spirit in MBA graduates and using too much of ‘I’s during the session will create a bad impression. Do not talk too much about yourself like ‘I did this’. ‘I did that’ and ‘this happened because of me’. The ability to work as a team is what interviewers look for from management graduates from an elite B-school.

4. Lying:

This is another aspect that can easily work against you. Never try to lie about your past employment, qualification, education and grades. Lying at the interview will also create problem when you are selected later. Even though, the interviewer might not know that you are lying at the time of interview, when they come to know about the same in the future, there are great chances that it will affect your career.

5. Arriving late:

This is another mistake to avoid. Once your institution announces the time of the interview, make sure that you arrive at the spot well in advance. Arriving early will also help you in getting the time for relaxing yourself before the session.

So, at this stage, when you are close to achieving your career goals, you should be highly careful and as this is going to be the interview for your first job after your business management degree, it is going to be the base for your future career. Remember this and avoid the above-mentioned mistakes.

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