Tips to Master Persuasion Skills for MBA Students
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Tips to Master Persuasion Skills for MBA Students

It is important that prospective managers, should develop a number of skills and here persuasion skills form an important part. A marketing personnel or sales representative cannot survive without this skill. Experts are of the opinion that a marketing personnel should have this skill to even sell raincoats in deserts. Even though, it is something that sounds to be interesting, it is actually not an easy task to accomplish as this skill should make an individual to think that he is in need of a particular product, even though, he actually does not need it.

It is not a luck or trick, but it is a science:

The first and foremost thing to comprehend that persuading others is not a trick or luck, but it is a science. Yes, management books and researches suggest that there are ways that make people agree to your pitch or message. As a marketing personnel, you should be well-equipped with consumer behavior. This means that you should be in a position to understand what affects the behavior of your target market.

Understanding why customers arrive at a decision:

No one can give a clear explanation as to why end users arrive at a particular decision about a particular product. But, when you can really understand the factors that inspire their decisions, you can use them in your indulgence. This is what a persuasion skill is all about. The thing to remember here is that you should not take a product with high price tag and poor quality. When you do this, you will lose dependability and reliability from a long-term perspective.

Providing a positive experience:

The best thing you can do to persuade the end users is to provide them the real experience on the quality of the product. For instance, when you provide them with samples and when they feel satisfactory about your product, they will automatically be persuaded. So, when you become an entrepreneur in the future, it is important that you should be more focused towards providing quality to your prospective customers to persuade them. Providing a demo or a free sample pack will give the potential customers an experience or feel that they would show interest towards reciprocating.

Communal consent:

Most of the consumers make their purchase decision, only after getting consent from their friends and peers. They give better importance to communal consent and so it is important that you should be ready to use this skill for attracting a large group of people by providing them with samples of the product.

Honoring promises and remaining steady:

Not just giving promises, but it is important that you should keep up the promises. Not just once, this should be maintained steadily all through your business to retain your customers.


Consumers generally love to follow what celebrities and people with high handedness do. So, you should be ready to persuade this community to reach out a larger group of audience.

So, this is a skill that needs to be developed and when you follow the tips given above, you can achieve it.

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