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Top 10 MBA Colleges in Kolkata

Below are the list of top 10 MBA colleges in Kolkata

  1. Indian Institute of Management Kolkata
  2. Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management
  3. Army Institute of Management
  4. Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management
  5. Academy for Professional Excellence (APEX)
  6. St Xaviers College, Kolkata
  7. BP Poddar Institutte of Management and Technology
  8. IBRAD School of Management and Sustainable Development
  9. IBS - ICFAI Business School, Kolkata
  10. Institute of Business Management, Kolkata

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0 # Himmat 2017-09-30
Hello, I am from Chingleput I have secured 8,000 rank in NEET, plz let me know whic college I can get
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0 # Mukesh 2017-10-01
Hii, for finding MBBS college you can go through mock counselling , please visit here- mock counselling, you can also get good MBBS college in Chingleput.
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0 # Aayush 2017-09-02
Hello, i want to get admission in best college in Bhadrak, Also suggest me about the Various streams of
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0 # Shruti 2017-09-03
Hello Sir, Thankyou for your comment. Please visit Engineering in Bhadrak for best colleges in Bhadrak, Hope you will get best college from the list, Also various major streams in are Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science etc.
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0 # Aarav 2017-07-29
Hii, I am from Sant Kabir Nagar, I have completed 12th in science stream, looking career in engineering,Tell me about the fee details of best engineering colleges
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0 # Jagan 2017-07-30
hii, good to see that you are from Sant Kabir Nagar, There are very good career opportunities in engineering, you have taken very good decision, but if we talk about fee of best colleges its depend on college to college but the range is Rs. 50,000 to 1,50,000 per year
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0 # Older than three months
satyendra kumar naya ta jehanabad
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