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Useful Apps For MBA Students

Nowadays, most of us own smartphones and have a lot of applications in them. Some of us own Android phones, while some own Apple, while other own Blackberry. There are applications available in appropriate app stores for these phones. Students particularly are more inclined to mobile apps these days. Here are some details about top mobile apps that will be of great help to MBA students:


This is a free app available on Appstore and Google Play. The great thing about this app is that it presents news and articles on different useful topics for MBA students and even for business professionals as well.

iTune University:

This free app is available on App Store and this is a must have app for Apple users. This application will provide the users with the comprehensive educational resource. Even, students can subscribe to the actual course offered at popular international B-Schools like Wharton and Harvard. For each of the subscribed course, students will get the actual recorded videos of lectures and documents as well.

The Economic Times:

Of course, this is the app from the popular news channel. It is important for MBA students to keep themselves updated on the happenings in the business world. They can also get help in effective management of their portfolio. This is an app useful for business people as well. It is available in App Store, Blackberry, Google Play, Nokia and Windows and it is also a free app.

Smart Office 2:

As an MBA student, it becomes important that you will have to get access to your documents in different formats and should be able to create and edit them on the go. This is what this paid app can provide the users with. It is a perfect app for worksheets, presentations, documents and it can be integrated with emails and it will let you manage all MBA workload on the go.


This app will help MBA students and business professionals to watch all inspirational lectures and videos. If you need an inspirational guide by your side, this is the best free app to have in your phone. It is available in Google Play and App Store.

Khan Academy:

With more than 3000 videos on different subjects like finance, physics and arithmetic, this app will be highly helpful, not only for MBA students, but for students in their other courses as well. It is a free app available from App Store.


This is a great app that can network business school students in such a way that they can convert their cards into contact details on their iPhones.


This app will be highly helpful for MBA students to sign, save and send their documents that too from anywhere and from any device.


This can be stated as a desktop and mobile project management application. This will help the MBA students to effectively manage their assignments and they can maintain their deadlines in an effective manner.

As mentioned earlier, smartphones have turned out to be the part and parcel of our lives and MBA students and business owners can be benefited from the apps mentioned above.

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Hello, I am from Baksa, plz tell me Is there an any degree equivalent to MBA and of same weightage in terms of placement
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0 # Rohan 2017-01-03
Hii, I am from Jamtara, plz tell me Is there any provision that one can pursue any other management degree or diploma in IIMs without appearing for any entrance test ?
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