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Useful Tips For First Year MBA Students

Once Abraham Lincoln said ‘give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe’.  This means that when a great deal of time is spent on preparation, you will arrive at fruitful results. Now, after having spent too many months to prepare yourself for the entrance examination, personal interview and Group Discussion and after attending them successfully, now you are happy that you have that magical email in your inbox from the B-School accepting your application for admission. This is the right time to prepare yourself for what lies ahead in store for you for the next two years. Here are some tips that will help you maximize your potential in the first year of your MBA course:

Take a tour of your B-School:

Before the beginning of the academic session, just go and visit your B-School to familiarize yourself with the environment, wherein you will be spending your days for the forth coming two years. Make a visit to the sports room, computer lab, library and of course the classrooms. If they are available, you can also meet the lecturers as well. This will help you in interacting with them, so that you can strike a personal chord.

Learn to adapt:

The first few days can be extremely overwhelming for some students. The reason is that most of the batches will have students from diverse educational backgrounds and even there may be students with work experience as well. So, it will take some time to mingle with the students, who are not like you or do not share the same interests. But, you should learn to adapt yourself and should be willing to consider and respect the views of your peers. So, keep an open mind about such possibilities, even if you do not agree to it.

Offline social networking:

You might already be active in social networking sites online. But, here you should be ready for offline social networking on the initial year of your MBA course. Remember that few years down the line your fellow students might be powerful in different fields. So, it is important that you should start early and identify the ones you can learn something from and who can help you in expanding your horizon. But, this should be done with a casual disposition. Develop your friendship with them in a casual environment apart from your classroom.

Organized workflow:

It is important that you should identify a system of study that will work for you. It is a good idea to take notes during the classroom session in an understandable short form and you can then rewrite them in an expanded form at your home. The reason is that when you are focused towards taking the notes in good handwriting, there are chances that you might miss out some lectures. In addition, taking notes in shorthand and then expanding it will also give you a sort of revision, so that you can find whether you get any doubts that should be clarified on the next session.

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