Ways To Know If An MBA In Leisure & Tourism Management Will Suit You
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Ways To Know If An MBA In Leisure & Tourism Management Will Suit You

While many MBA students show interest towards pursuing a career in finance and banking sectors, there are also students, who are interested in choosing a career, where they can get better opportunity to interact with people. This is where an MBA in Leisure & Tourism management can be of great help to them. As most of us know, tourism is a sector that has developed itself in leaps and bounds in many countries of the world. Today, this industry is contributing huge to the national development as against many other industries like automobiles, food products and oil exports.

Even though, there was an economic recession in the year 2016, there was a considerable contribution from the tourism sector towards the economic development of many countries. Right from cruise lines to resorts, there is a considerable increase in the hospitality management jobs and even reports state that one in every 11 jobs are connected to tourism in one way or another.

International schools for MBA in Leisure & Tourism Management:

B-Schools have moved to cater to the requirements of the strident industry. For instance, European University with four main campuses operating from Montreux, Geneva, Munich and Barcelona offers one and two–year courses on MBA in Leisure & Tourism Management. Both full-time and part-time courses are offered by the university. This course content, explores the business models, practices and theories in tourism management with a view to prepare students for successful career in the industry. Many graduates with this specialization are working at executive level in different Fortune 500 companies. Even though, the quality of the B-School from where you get this qualification will bring about a great impact on your career development, it is first of all important to identify whether this degree will be suitable for you. Here are some qualities you should possess to take up this course:

You should be devoted to provide customer service: The leisure & tourism management industry is all about making people happy. When you do this in an effective manner, your organization operating in this field will automatically get word-of-the-mouth popularity. When you fail as a businessman in this regard, there are great chances that you will get many negative comments on the internet. So, a job in this industry just does not mean meeting customers alone, but it involves anticipating them. So, you need to honestly identify whether this field will be suitable for you.

You want to work overseas: When you wish to work overseas in this field, you will have to travel a lot. You might have to face a lot of relocations. So, if you are interested in working overseas, you should think whether a lot of relocation will fit your lifestyle. Even though, executive level positions do not require frequent relocations, the entry-level positions will demand it. So, before taking this specialization, you should find answer to the questions regarding relocations.

The other prerequisites include being a people person and you should be in a position to enjoy staying in hotels and resorts and more than anything else, you should be flexible person to work in this field. So, it is important to decide on these things before you choose an MBA in Leisure & Tourism Management.

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0 # Nishith 2017-02-14
Hii, I am from Kandhamal, I have completed 12th in science stream, looking career in engineering,Tell me about the fee details of best engineering colleges
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hii, good to see that you are from Kandhamal, There are very good career opportunities in engineering, you have taken very good decision, but if we talk about fee of best colleges its depend on college to college but the range is Rs. 50,000 to 1,50,000 per year
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