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What To Do With An MBA In Finance?

An MBA in Finance can provide students with a rigorous educational approach for business and finance arenas. Generally finance related courses will provide the opportunity for degree holders to find finance-oriented job opportunities in corporate finance and in investment banking. However, when it comes to MBA in finance, it will provide the candidates with better focus with attention to leadership and management potential. In addition, an MBA program generally includes team-building coursework and real world project analysis. A report states that MBA graduates generally enjoy better compensation as against other college-level degree holders.

What can be done with this degree?

With an MBA with specialization in Finance, you can get a wide range of desirable professional options. The greatest benefit associated with this degree is that you can use your expertise as a foundation towards working almost in any industry or field. This degree is recognized as a key for enjoying better salary and employment opportunities. Of course, you can gain better esteem from your superiors and colleagues. Most of the organizations look for graduate-level degree for senior management and executive positions when it comes to experienced people. Even though, you do not have experience, you can expand your education with MBA and it will turn out to be the best investment. When you take up this course from a professional institution, you can gain both hard and soft skills that can be used throughout your whole career.

What are the main fields of employment?

Even though, a candidate with MBA in finance will be in a position to find job opportunities in any fields, the main fields of the employment include:

  • Investment banking
  • Financial planning
  • Commercial banking
  • Corporate finance

Curriculum of MBA Finance:

This course generally provides fundamental education in different areas like marketing, economics, leadership and statistics. Generally, subjects pertaining to specialization is offered only the second year of the 2-year MBA programme by most of the B-Schools and some schools offer subjects pertaining to business like management methods and accounting with some electives in financial subjects.

What are the job positions available for MBA in Finance?

Generally, candidates with MBA in finance can find job opportunities in the following positions:

  • Senior financial analyst
  • Portfolio compliance specialist
  • Management consultant
  • Finance manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Investment sales associate

Some popular companies recruiting candidates with MBA in Finance:

  • TCS
  • J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Genpect
  • Infosys Limited
  • Accenture

Of these companies, Infosys is offering the highest pay for ranging from Rs.532616 to Rs. 1,609,135 for candidates with this qualification for different finance related positions. Also, reports state that candidates with this qualification from IIMs are earning more as against candidates from other universities and institutions for this course. Also, companies operating from the city of Mumbai are paying more as against other major cities in India like Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

So, MBA in Finance is a wonderful choice for candidates after their UG degree as it can provide them with lucrative job prospects.

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0 # Harikiran 2017-01-29
Hello, I am from Raisen, plz tell me Is there an any degree equivalent to MBA and of same weightage in terms of placement
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0 # Shruti 2017-01-30
Hii, PGDM is equivalent to MBA, you can do PGDM from any good college of Raisen, so you can get placement easily
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0 # Older than three months
Hi everyone, thanks for this informative article. However, i would like to add to this article some knowledge that I gained through my friend circle. I recently got to know about MBA oil and gas management, it is being offered by UPES, Dehradun for details you can check their site but important thing is that MBA programs like this have more demand and have better scope in the future too. I hope this will help many of you to look beyond marketing and HR.
Best of luck!
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