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What To Highlight In Your MBA Admission Essay?

As an MBA aspiring candidate, you might be aware of the fact that the MBA admission essay is your direct communication line with the admission committee. This can also be stated as the ideal tool to show your uniqueness to the committee. So, you should use this tool to present yourself before the admission committee and should share your accomplishments and talents without a showy tone. This can again be stated as a tool that will help you to showcase to the committee that you are a good match to the school.

What does the committee look for at the first instance?

Before the committee gets into your essay, the first and foremost thing they will look at is its tone and of course, the format will also be given a quick run through. You should remember the following things to make a good first impression:

  • Remember that you should be honest and should state only the facts and figures about yourself.
  • Write a natural, precise and clear essay that showcases your own voice
  • To prevent your essay from turning out to be autobiographies, remember to write in a conversational tone
  • It should have a positive tone and should be readable
  • To display your leadership skills, you can use some facts and when you are writing about yourself, you should offer a balanced description that it supported by analysis with a view to catch the attention of the committee.
  • Do not try to hide your failures as every human being has faced some failures in life. It is not that your failures count here, your honesty and genuineness in accepting the facts will be judged.
  • Remember that your essay should end up a concluding paragraph, wherein you highlight your skills that should be known to the admission committee.

What should be the content of the essay?

Remember that when you are writing the essay, the admission committee will already have your records like your entrance test score, resume, letters of recommendation and other details from your MBA application. So, there is no need to mention these things in the essay. But, how to approach the essay? You can just tell the admission committee a consistent story that brings together all your past experiences and goals with plenty of narrations. Whatever you consider relevant for your MBA admission should alone be specified. For instance, you can specify about your social engagement, extracurricular activities, instances showing your leadership skills, and your experience in volunteering if any.

  • You can begin with something interesting like a quote from a famous personality and can link it with your life.
  • Do specify your long-term goals and the reason why you wish to take up the MBA course.
  • As mentioned earlier, never forget to state about your leadership skills and also your high energy levels
  • It can be an added advantage to note that you have been in touch with the present and past MBA students to showcase that you have done some homework.

In short, your essay should be impressive enough to get you the dream admission.

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