Which is the right MBA specialization how would find it?
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Which is the right MBA specialization how would find it?

Which is the right MBA specialization how would find it

As per the recent study and the survey tell few important points about this. As per the astrologers and the tarot card readers they predict the individual by the sun sign they belong to. Always the predictions come in the newspaper with first love than money but where and what about the career. Every sun sign has the appetite for pursuing the management education and based on the sun sign the most suitable specializations can be predicted.There are many specializations in MBA like MBA in HR,MBA in Finance,MBA in marketing etc.There are many top MBA Colleges in India that provide the best MBA specialization courses.

For example let us speak about the first two sun signs

Aries: The first sun sign of the Zodiac i.e. Aries are born leaders and also they make good business development professionals. They have good high energy levels and go get it attitude make them successful sales professionals. The only point here is they easily lose patience and also get disappointed or bored very soon. And many more times they are also criticized for not being able to achieve the targets.

Taurus: People who are born under sign of Taurus are one of the most noted for their dependability, patience, determination and perservance.

These qualities often lead them in making themselves as successful Finance professionals. The other additional traits are they are quiet and reserved, they can be secretive, stingy and also suspicious. These are the perfect traits that any company look for .The one negative point is that taureans are popular for being stubborn and not being fond of change. They usually will never update their tally and other financial software, but here a large MNC has recently found a solution and they gifted all the staff members in their finance team an Emarald and that has not boosted the performance but has also has made to adopt the new versions of all the essential software solutions.

If anyone is interested in understanding what MBA specialization is suitable for you then below mentioned are few points for that.

1. The first one is interest, the second is aptitude, the third one is opportunities, the fourth is financial attractiveness and the final one is satisfaction.

While the first two can be perfectly gauged at the time of decision making the next three are dynamic and one will not be able to gauge before you actually start working. The focus is mainly on how to go with the decision making.


This is the first and the most important determinant. Very few like to study the management education because you might have made an incorrect choice at the graduate level. You may also have pursued the engineering because your father wanted you to do so or your mother, your cousin wanted you to do so.

There are many people who say that Engineering and finance is the fantastic combination or Engineering and Operations is the most logical combination. This makes you confusing with several options hence collect all the points and finalize it.


A human heart is very ambitious and also primarily driven by the emotions. It is now your time to start thinking rationally ,to find out what are the strengths and weakness, what are the preferences, likes and dislikes. There are various specializations may require the skills and traits, try to find out whether you fit in the requirements. Are you a sole contributor to the team player. Will your health permit you to accept the type f job role. Finance is known for the number crunching, information technology is known for the analytic thinking. Operations are known for the system approach, advertising and marketing communication is known for creativity and so on. Thinking about all these and then go to the next stage.


Usually we keep talking about the trends in campus placements and also many students make a decision based on the third parameter. It’s important to note down the hiring trends. Trends could be seasonal for instance with FDI opening up in the retail sector hiring may be for Retail marketing professionals but the same trend will not sustain and also may pass on. Few people also believe that there is always a demand for finance, marketing ad Human resources. There are many career span but also there is lot of opportunities of employability and growth.

The Financial Attractiveness

After the completion of the postgraduate program everyone here aims for the good income. Always people concentrate on the financial returns and for others returns is the combination of the financial and other financial perks.

The job satisfaction

It is very important to ask that what type of work we are interested in and what type of work u work for after 5 yrs. Steve jobs was passionate till his last breadth and sachin tendulkar enjoyed the last match. One should learn to balance the work and values. This can be understood by the two singers Lata Mangeskar and Anuradha Paudwal both are respected for the melodious voice, while he former moved on steadily with her singing career the later quit her mainstream singing career when one of her song that had good lyrics turned out to be the vulgar on screen dance performance.

Hence summarize the interest, the personal traits and then combine them with the job prospects and the job satisfaction and then it will be easy for you to understand which specialization would be good for MBA.

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# Rohan 2017-04-29
Hello, i want to get admission in best B.tech college in Khammam, Also suggest me about the Various streams of B.tech
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# Shruti 2017-04-30
Hello Sir, Thankyou for your comment. Please visit Engineering in Khammam for best B.tech colleges in Khammam, Hope you will get best college from the list, Also various major streams in B.tech are Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science etc.
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# Aarush 2017-03-13
Hello, i have completed 12th with 92% marks, now i want to take admission in best engineering college in Chhindwara, plz share the list
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# Jagan 2017-03-14
Hii, You secured very good percentage, you can get best engineering college, plz check here Engineering in Chhindwara
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# Aarush Older than three months
I am from Lucknow, I have scored 82 percentile in CAT this year. Please let me know the colleges where i can get admission
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# Jagan Older than three months
Hii, for finding it you can go through mock counselling , please visit here- mock counselling, you can also get good college in Lucknow.
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