Which MBA Program would be best for you?

Which MBA Program would be best for you?

Which MBA Program would be best for you

The Master of Business Administration is a graduate degree in business or the commerce that attracts the people from a wide range of academic disciplines. The MBA degree has achieved a worldwide recognition.

Accreditation bodies exist specifically for the MBA programs to make sure that consistency and quality of graduate business education and business schools in many countries offer the MBA programs that in many forms i.e MBA through  full time, part -time MBA , executive MBA  and distance learning courses with the specialized concentrations.

There are many national and international accreditation bodies and it is important to verify that the MBA School you are interested in is properly accredited.

Choosing the MBA

After deciding whether to get an MBA degree or not finding the right MBA program is the second most important decision. There are nearly 500 accredited MBA programs in the US alone and finding the one that will benefit those can be overwhelming task.

Your strengths and experience

1. Full time Work Experience

Most of the MBA Programs in US either formally or informally required applicants to have between 2 to 3 years of full time work experience at the time of application.

If you are heart is set on a certain school make sure that you inquire with the admissions on what their requirements are with regard to work experience.

If the overall profile i.e recommendations, GMAT Scores GPA is strong you should able to make a compelling argument in your application even with a limited work experince.

2. GMAT Scores

The beauty of GMAT score is that you can take it again and usually the highest score will be considering in admissions.

An average score for top 20 schools is around 660-700 and you can find out more information about the iindividual school's benchmarks through the published rankings.

3. GPA

Here the past returns of the stock market are not indicative of the future performance your GPA on the other hand will likely tell a solid story about how you will perform academically in the MBA setting.

The average reported GPA from your desired school and whether it's concern or a benefit that will make your application stand out.

Two types of MBA Programs

As a rule MBA Programs are divided into two groups

Case Method Schools

Here the Case Method Schools will teach the business principles primarily via the case method that relies heavily on analogies and the prior experience.

Theory based schools

Theory based schools rely heavily on the lecture format for teaching.

The admissions committees typically spend a good deal of time on trying understanding how a particular school meets the goals and objectives of each applicant. If you don't have a solid understanding of your end-goal, considering doing some soul searching before selecting which programs would suit you best.

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