Why Consider The Geographical Location of B-School?
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Why Consider The Geographical Location of B-School?

When you have decided to take up the PG course in management, you will have to consider a lot of things like those mentioned below:

  • The fee structure
  • The industry perception of the B-School that you are planning to apply
  • The infrastructure
  • The availability of experienced and well-qualified faculty members
  • The method of teaching followed
  • Industrial interface of the B-Schools you have shortlisted
  • The placement track record
  • The availability and choice of electives in the B-Schools that you are planning to apply

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there is yet another area that needs your attention. Yes, you will have to consider the geographical location, from where you wish to pursue your management education. It is true that some of the top B-Schools in India have their presence in different cities across the nation and so even once you have decided the B-school, you will have to consider the branch to which you can apply.

Your prospects from the B-School:

Before zeroing-in on the location, you must first be clear about the prospects from the course and how the program will equip you to achieve your career-oriented goals. To help you in arriving at this decision, let us get into the implications that the location of a B-School can have both on your personal and professional growth:

Overseas placement:

It is found that some cities hold more connection from the perspective of placements on the basis of different industry verticals. It is found that cities in the western part of India are known to offer better opportunities, if you are dreaming about overseas placements, particularly in the middle-east nations. Cities like Mumbai and Pune are known to provide better prospects in this regard. Pune is known to offer ample professional platforms in the information technology industry to give your career the required head-start. This city also is known to have many automobile companies, particularly the leading car manufacturers are operating as multinational companies.

International business specialization:

If your interest is to choose international business as your specialization during the MBA course, the city of Mumbai being the port city can provide you the right platform for the same. Even, this can be the best city to choose, if your interest is on finance specialization.

Specialization in Information technology:

As a management specialization, information technology is stated to be the foremost choice for aspiring candidates, particularly when they have a degree in computer science and related fields like BCA, B. E/B. Tech in Computer science/information technology. For these aspiring students, Bangalore can be the right city to choose as this city is popularly known as the IT hub. This city will provide you the right platform to tap your technical talent. For students with this goal, another city that can provide ample opportunities is Hyderabad.


For those interested in getting into the management field, the location to choose for doing the business management programme is the capital city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad. Being a highly industrialized city with a wide range of manufacturing units, this city and even Gurgaon can provide similar platform for these students.

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