Cloud computing is a buzzing subject for the modern age MCA students---just a basic idea about it
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  • Cloud computing is a buzzing subject for the modern age MCA students---just a basic idea about it

Cloud computing is a buzzing subject for the modern age MCA students---just a basic idea about it

Want to have some idea about Cloud computing?

Here are some of the main characteristics

Cloud computing has distinct characteristics which differentiates it from its counter parts. Mell and Grance define them as follows.

  • Self service which is available on demand. Clients can demand them whenever they need the services and pay for them accordingly.
  • Pooling of resources: Providers combine resources using strategies like virtualization and multitenancy. In this way, they serve multiple consumers.
  • Rapid elasticity: The cloud computing is flexible as consumers can increase or decrease resources depending on their needs. They can also change the duration of their tasks.
  • Pay and Use service: The biggest advantage is that you need not subscribe for a cloud computing service. That means no initial financial investment. Consumers can select either pay by use or pay as you go pricing model.

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    Bose proposes X-a as a service. Lenk et  al (33), Cloud service alliance(23)and Leimeiter et al also used a new model Human as service (Huaas), Security as Service (se-caa-as )and Communication as a service as examples of X-a as in different instances.

    Clouds as deployment models

    Some of the cloud deployment models are Private, Public, Hybrid or Community

    Public cloud.

    The cloud platform is available for the use of general public through internet for open use.

    The provider runs the model on its premises. Usually businesses and large scale industries prefer this model. Advantages are cost efficiency, flexibility, resilience and easy management. The cons are security deficiencies in the form of malicious attacks and easy access.

    Private Cloud

    Operated solely by organizations, the private clouds may comprise of many units. The private cloud is maintained by the IT department of the organization. Sometimes the service is done by external provider too. The private cloud usually does not have network bandwidth constraints, legal requirements and security exposures. Special features are the ability to host customer services according to customer specifications.

    Community cloud

    A shared infrastructure usually used managed by a provider among several organizations is the community cloud. As it is shared by several organizations, the main concern is security and compliance. The model is used by governmental agencies, educational companies, and health care professionals.

    Hybrid clouds

    The name itself suggests that the cloud platform is a hybrid of two. Here the partners are bundled together, but each of them works separately. The hybrid cloud in turn tries to improve the weak points in the combination of clouds. Hybrid clouds are used in organizations where large amount of confidential data has to be stored and managed. The confidential data is stored on the private cloud while the general process is done through the public cloud.

    Definition of SME’s

    SME is defined by the National Small business act as follows: Three parameters are used for defining SME. Number of employees, turn over and gross assets. The act defines SME as a small enterprise with smaller number of employees up to 50 and medium enterprise with employees in between 100 and 200.


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Hii, I am from Kannur, I would like to do B.Ed from distance, Is there any university that offers B. Ed through distance mode
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Yes, many universities from across the country including Kannur offer this course through distance mode and the prestigious of them is IGNOU, Annamalai University to name a few.
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Hello Sir, Thankyou for your comment. Please visit Engineering in Dungarpur for best colleges in Dungarpur, Hope you will get best college from the list, Also various major streams in are Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science etc.
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Hii, You secured very good percentage, you can get best engineering college, plz check here Engineering in Chitradurga
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Hii, I am from South Tripura, plz tell me What is the difference between NEET and AIPMT for MBBS Admission?
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Both NEET and AIPMT are conducted for admission to MBBS and BDS Courses, NEET is national level test, while AIPMT is conducted by CBSE for admission to these courses in government medical and dental colleges of all places including South Tripura
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Hello, I am from Tawang I have secured 8,000 rank in NEET, plz let me know whic college I can get
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Hii, for finding MBBS college you can go through mock counselling , please visit here- mock counselling, you can also get good MBBS college in Tawang.
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Is there any entrance test for B. Ed course, can you plz suggest good colleges in Bangalore
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Different states in India conduct different entrance exam for admission in this course, These entrance tests generally test the language & proficiency, subject knowledge, reasoning and general awareness and teaching proficiency of applicants, find the list of B.Ed college in Bangalore-B.Ed in Bangalore
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