How To Prepare For NEET With Self-Study In Three Months?

How To Prepare For NEET With Self-Study In Three Months?

Most students believe that NEET is the toughest nut to crack. So, they do not even think about self-preparation for NEET. The test is conducted as per CBSE class XI and XII syllabus. So, many state boards with a view to helping their students are offering free coaching. Such coaching is offered to economically backward section students. The reason is that they cannot afford coaching fee.

It is generally stated that students should start preparing for NEET right from their class XI. But, most of them already feel tough in handling their school or pre-university syllabus. When this is the case how can they spend time for NEET right from class XI? So, here are some tips to help them prepare for NEET without coaching within three months:

Follow a well-defined schedule:

With only three months left for NEET preparation, it is highly important that you should follow a well-defined schedule. Then, it will be easier for you to study and clear the exam. In 2017, a student known Reva did it. She explains her experience as follow: “I was left with only three months when I started preparing for NEET. But, thanks to the schedule given by my uncle to me! I followed it rightly and now I am a student of a government medical college.”

Here is a time table prepared with the assumption that each month has four weeks in the three months left for your preparation:

First month:


Physics (Monday)

Organic Chemistry (Wednesday)

Biology (Saturday)


Current Electricity (Class XII)

Polymers, Biomolecules, environmental & everyday-life Chemistry

Biology in Human Welfare (Class XII)


Mechanics (Class XI) 3 or 4 chapters

Organic Chemistry with Nitrogen & Oxygen (Any five chapters)

Reproduction (Class XII)


Magnetism (Class XII)

Organic Chemistry with Nitrogen & Oxygen (Remaining five chapters)

Cell Structure & Functions (Class XI)


Electrostatics (Class XII)

Basics of Organic Chemistry, Halides & Hydrocarbons

Diversity in Living World (Class XI)

From the table above, you can understand that you can spend three days a week. You can use the remaining days for revision and for practising with mock tests and past NEET Question papers.

Second Month:


Physics (Monday)

Organic Chemistry (Wednesday)

Biology (Saturday)


Mechanics (Class XI) 3 chapters

Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, electrochemistry and Redox

Biotechnology & its applications (Class XII)


Optics & Modern Physics (Class XII)

Solid State & Equilibrium solutions

Genetics & Evolution (Class XII)


Mechanics (Class XI) 3 Chapters

Thermochemistry and Atomic Structure

Plant Physiology (Class XI)


Mechanics (Class XI) Remaining Chapters

Mole concept & States of Matter

Structural Organisation in plants and animals (Class XI)

Third Month:


Physics (Monday)

Organic Chemistry (Wednesday)

Biology (Saturday)


Electromagnetic Waves & Communication Systems

Coordination compounds, D & F Blocks

Animal Kingdom (Class XI)


Thermal Physics (Class XI)

P Block Elements

Ecology (Class XII)


Mechanics (Class XI) Waves & Oscillation

Classification of Elements, Hydrogen and S Block

Excretory products and elimination, locomotion and movement, neural control and coordination, chemical coordination and integration (Class XI)


Atomic Nucleus & Semiconductors (Class XII)

Chemical Bonding

Digestion & Absorption Breathing and Exchange of Gases Body Fluids and Circulation (Class XI)


You know that your plan for preparation and even your preparation will turn out to be unfruitful if you do not practice. Nothing to worry if you are concerned on how to practice! Yes, the NEET organizing authority NTA in association with SWAYAM is conducting NTA SWAYAM Exam. This exam is conducted chapter-wise for NEET. So, you can take up the test. You can get to know the schedule for SWAYAM Tests for different chapters from the official website of NTA.

Take Mock Tests:

As you know, mock tests will help you evaluate, where you stand. To help you NTA also conducts mock tests. Even, you can take the mock test online or offline. You will find the links to the mock tests on the website of NTA. The mock test will help you gain an understanding of how to attend the computer-based test. In other words, it will let you get out of the fear of the process associated with NEET online. Of course, you might be well-versed in handling computers. However, it is better to take mock tests to boost your confidence level before the actual test.

Keep yourself updated about the changes:

The NTA might bring changes to the format and syllabus of NEET every year. So, before you start preparing, it is better to gather complete information about the changes if any for the present year.

With NEET Score, you can even apply for MBBS abroad in some countries. So, take up NEET with confidence and come out in flying colours!

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