BAMS Vs. BHMS - Which One To Choose?

BAMS Vs. BHMS - Which One To Choose?

BAMS Vs. BHMS - Which One To Choose

Many Indian students wish to choose medicine as their career. But, with the goal towards medicine, they find MBBS alone can be the right course for them after their graduation. But, alternative medicines are gaining more and more popularity these days mainly because they are safe and the procedures for treating different conditions are painless in these fields of medicine. If a student decides to opt for education in alternative medicines after higher secondary, he might get confusion as to whether he should choose ayurveda or homeopathy. The comparison between these two alternative medicines is to be made under different categories like self-satisfaction, social respect, income, time taken to heal conditions and knowledge.

Here, graduation course in Ayurveda is called as BAMS or Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, while in Homeopathy it is called as BHMS or Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical and Surgery. Now, let us get into the comparison between these two courses on various grounds:


When it comes to graduation in Ayurvedic medical science, the students will be taught entire subjects that involve knowledge of this field, inclusive of modern science. In this course, the study load for students will be more as compared to MBBS and BHMS.

In BHMS, students will learn only some areas of modern science, while the other subjects will be mainly focusing on homeopathic medicines. When it comes to study load, it will be equal to MBBS or even slightly more as well. Here, it will be difficult for students to remember different medicines for different conditions as per homeopathic materia medica. Of course, with practice, they will find it easier.

Healing time:

Here, ayurveda wins as it takes shorter healing time as compared to homeopathy. However, the time taken for providing cure to a particular condition will be more in ayurveda as compared to allopathic medicine. Homeopathy takes a longer time because different medicines will be experimented on a patient to find what actually the body needs and what works. When talking about healing time, one of these systems work for some conditions well as compared to other two. Homeopathy has earned worldwide recognition and the same thing is applicable to allopathic medicine as well. But, when it comes to ayurveda, it is popular only in India and Sri Lanka.


The major problem with ayurveda under this head is that the medicines are highly expensive. So, the margin the doctors can get will be obviously lower. On the other hand, homeopathic medicines are highly affordable and so homeopaths can get better pay.

Social respect:

Even though, MBBS doctors are known to gain great recognition in society, the fact is that even alternative doctors can gain recognition and it all depends on the effectiveness of their treatment. When they recommend the best medicines to their patients, regardless of the field of medicine practiced, the doctors can gain better recognition among public.

Of course, the final consideration to make is which of these courses can provide the ideal self-satisfaction and the students are recommended to accordingly make the choice.

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-1 # vaani gupta 2017-02-13
can we pursue mbbs after bhms or bams ?? or which course is better bhms/bams /b.pharm??
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0 # SANGAVI.V Older than three months
Can we do dgo , pediatric, ortho ,psychiatry after doing bhms or bams
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0 # SANGAVI.V Older than three months
Whether to study bhms or bams
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0 # chandrika Older than three months
Sir i am preparing for mbbs entrance from four years.but failed. along with bams can one prepare for mbbs entrance . Is it possible to focus on both? Should i do bams or prepare again? I am confused! Plz help. I am interested in mbbs.
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0 # Shaikh saifuddin Older than three months
One can become surgon aftet bhms bcoz i think bhms is better
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0 # Kalpana Rajpurohit Older than three months
For getting details about any degree or course visit to
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0 # O P SINGH Older than three months
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