Career Options After MBBS

Career Options After MBBS


Every career comes with its entangled set of job situations. Just like any other career today, MBBS courses also have their possibilities. There are various directions towards which the students can head but making the right choice is quite difficult. Before moving ahead towards further studies or jobs, it is essential to analyze the skills you possess. You need to find out whether the skills you possess are enough for you to start with some job or you need enhancement. Even if you opt for a job, make sure you consider all the future career prospects and then take a wise decision.

Career options after MBBS:
There can be ample of options to choose from after pursuing your MBBS degree. The most popular of these choices include:

  • You can set up your own clinic either in a small part of your house or nearby. This way, you can not only practice your profession and gain better experience with it but you can also help the people nearby by lending timely assistance in times of need.
  • If you wish to go abroad to gain specialization and skill enhancement, you can go for IELTS examination and pursue post-graduation from some popular institute there. Though this option can involve quite a hefty expense, yet the career path that these courses lay down for you are generally quite lucrative.
  • Management of hospitals is also an outgrowing opportunity these days. Holding a degree in MBBS and an MBA degree in the same field is one of the most engrossing career options these days.
  • You can also opt for Post-Graduation from the same country. This can be a time-consuming process and you need to hold your patience but this course will help you in understanding the concepts better and will lend better exposure to certain specialized parts. Gaining specialization is likely to polish your skills considerably and has greater financial benefits attached to it.
  • Indian defense forces are one of the largest recruiters of doctors from all parts of the nation. Army, navy and Air Force are wide streams that require thousands of doctors to serve the soldiers any time they need help. Nothing can spiritually be more rewarding than serving the brave saviors of the peace of our nation.
  • Various Public Sector Undertakings like SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) invites applications from doctors for the posts of patient coordinator, consultant, Senior Doctors, Nursing Supervisor, etc. However, applicants need to clear certain examinations for seeking these jobs.
  • The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) holds examination for the selection of doctors for serving the Railway departments. MBBS is the optimum requirement for seeking these Government jobs.
  • You can enter into an association with some Non-government body and pursue a career for practice there. The pay you receive may be less but your skills will definitely be struck with a new gleam of expertise along with the satisfaction gained in helping the needy and the under-privileged.
  • General Practice, Hospital Administration, Scientific Research, Medical Transcription Writer and Cosmetology are the common professions that you can easily opt for after pursuing MBBS degree.

The options will always be many and the path will always appear tough but more important than the lucrative opportunities in the future is the level of satisfaction you gain from your career. When you know that a field you have chosen is right, success is quite likely to fall your way.

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0 # Rohan 2018-07-07
Hii, I am from Nayagarh, please tell me the duration of B.Ed course
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0 # Shruti 2018-07-09
Hello, Good to see that you are from Nayagarh, the duration of B.Ed course is 2 years
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0 # Jayesh 2018-05-26
Hii, I am from Kathua, plz tell me Do all the IIMs provide a degree or Diploma?
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0 # Mukesh 2018-05-27
Hello, good to see that you are from Kathua, The IIMs provide a diploma certificate at the completion of the course.
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0 # Vivaan Older than three months
Hello, I am from Kollam I have secured 8,000 rank in NEET, plz let me know whic college I can get
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0 # Jagan Older than three months
Hii, for finding MBBS college you can go through mock counselling , please visit here- mock counselling, you can also get good MBBS college in Kollam.
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