CAT Preparation 2017

CAT Preparation 2017

10 Tips for Time Management in VA and LR Section

CAT 2016 is not too far. Almost two months to go for the exam. This is the peak time for the preparation. Aspirants must be in full spirits to crack the CAT.

The first thing one must work upon is to plan the right time management strategy.It is all about time and accuracy in CAT.

These two are interdependent.If you lose time, accuracy gets affected and vice versa.

Candidates can try various time management strategies during the preparation phase. The idea is to figure out what's the best strategy for the exam.

We all know that the exam pattern has changed from this year.

Therefore the students have no clue what is in the store for the future. It is little dificult to plan out things that are uncertain.But it is always good to have a backup plan rather than the spontaneous plans.

In short it is better to start planning from now!

Work on how to attempt the test. Which section needs more time? From where to start and end? In short they must have a plan for time management.

There are further two strategies for time management

One for entire CAT Paper

One for each sections separetly

Devote half of your time to each section. Both the sections consist of 50 questions each.Out of 170 minutes tries to give 85 minutes to each section.

This will help them attempt the paper in a properly.

Many candidates are unsure about the verbal ability and the logical reasoning sections in CAT. With the majority of the CAT test takers being engineering, many are scared of VA.

According to them CAT is quite difficult.

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But this is a myth. CAT is not difficult for those who are fully prepared for it.

Be prepared for the test and then one will definitely crack it.

Below mentioned are the ten tips for time management in VA and the LR sections.

1. Read the question paper carefully in the first five minutes. Mark the questions you are confident in attempting. But start with those questions which are difficult and demands time. Choose to finish the dense questions first.

2. Try to solve the logical reasoning and the verbal ability section together. LR is easy and scoring .If attempted correctly, chances are to score full in LR.It also works as refreshment during the test.

3. Use the two step strategy for VA.

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Use the two step strategy for VA. Consider Reading comprehensions as section one and the remaining portion i.e grammer and the logical reasoning as section two.

Solve thise two sections as separate entities.

4. RCs come with different difficulty level. They do not consist of many questions but are time consuming. Remember RCs in CAT are more opinion based.Therefore it is advisable to read a passage carefully in one attempt.

Reading over and again will not help. Giving 10 minutes to each RC is fine.

5. LR or Analyrtical Reasonoing generally consists of light questions.

Most of the students like to attempt them first Accuracy is expected in this part.

There fore they are called refreshemensts.Use these questions as fillers during the exam.

Try attempting these questions in maximum of four minutes.

6. Do not stick to the question, Start saying NO to the things.

If you are not able to find the answer then move to the next questions.

Candidates who are not so good with the reading should go with the following strategy

Attempt RC and LR questions alternatively. Start with one RC question and then do one or two questions of LR.

This will maintain the mood and the tempo. Candidates will not lose focus in the exam.

This strategy works well for the aspirants with the good reading skills. If you confident about your reading speed then start with two or more questions of RC. Once you start feeling bored or think that you are losing the focus use the fillers i.e the LR questions.

This can be quite helpful as you are done with the lengthy and the difficult part of the exam in the first half.

The rest of the grammer portion works as a refreshment before you move on to the Quant section.

9. The Strategy of using the fillers between the RC questions can also be combined with the parajumbles.

This too will maintain the tempo in the exam. The combination of light and the dense questions is really helpful.

10. For the students who do not have the good reading skills, go with the strategy of solving easy questions first.

Do not keep dense and difficult questions for the end. You will end up losing marks and the time. It is difficult to attempt RCs correctly with an exhansuted mind.


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